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  1. There are a lot of ways to do this and I'm sure everyone has a preference. For me, I put my Rocksmith Bass Volume @ 0 - but crank up everything else using the decent PC speakers I have. Bass is plugged into a cheap Behringer Chorus pedal (turned off) so it's basically a splitter. Line A (no effects) goes into the PC. Line B goes into my Zoom B3 which feeds to my amp. That way I can mess around with my bass tones/effects whenever I want with no impact to the game. If I want to blend with the music I can, if I want to crank up the bass and focus on my playing primarily I can. I prefer this much more than having the bass coming out of the same speakers as the other music, like you said there's too much that gets masked.
  2. Wife got us tix to see Third Eye Blind this week so we could relive our 90s, have to say they were pretty disappointing. Played for about an hour, but that included at least 15 mins of downtime between songs. At one point they mentioned they had come back from a European tour 3 wks ago and hadn't played since then, it showed. They apparently couldn't even bother to come up with a set list because they stopped between almost every song and had a little discussion. Tix were $55 a piece so it was not cheap either. However, what saved the night for us is one of their openers was Nate Reuss, lead singer of fun. Didn't know anything about the guy but he put on a fantastic show and I quickly came to realize my kids have been listening to his music for the past couple of years. Ran through 4 or 5 hits from fun. as well as the song he cowrote with Pink, couple solo album songs I had never heard and then nailed a rendition of Rocket Man. Got to give him props, the guy put on a good show unlike 3EB.
  3. Pink Floyd, Police, U2, Men at Work, Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel are some I can think of that he's probably familiar with the tunes whether he listened to those bands or not.
  4. Mine went from working 75% of the time to not working at all over the last month. However, the question I really want answered is why do I insist on clicking on the preview play button even though I know it isn't working?!?!?!?
  5. Buy! Buy! Buy! I'm a beginner who didn't start playing until 2 years ago when I picked up Rocksmith. I've had 3 big jumps in how frequently I played (and subsequently how much better I got). My first step was getting my own bass. I was borrowing a friends 5 string for the first several months and I just couldn't get the hang of it. Bought my own bass, a very nice starting bass and that got me playing much more because I wanted to pick up the instrument. The second and probably biggest jump was getting an amp and using that to hear my playing instead of through the game. If you haven't done that I highly recommend it. It is a whole different ballgame when you can clearly hear your own tone etc. set aside from the rest of the music. Bass is totally turned off in the game and all i hear is my amp and it really helped me understand the instrument better - something you don't get through the game produced tones. The last jump just happened a month ago. I upgraded my bass (ironically - it was cheaper than my original one but it is used and I knew what to look for now) and having a higher quality instrument has gotten me picking it up all the time and playing with & without Rocksmith. I'll grab it and play for 10 mins just because I walked by from one room to the next. Anything that gets you playing more is going to make you a better player and give you more enjoyment.
  6. Also good to note - there is a thread of known problem files - http://customsforge.com/topic/4863-list-of-crashers-jammers-dead-toners-and-misc-problems/ You might be able to find the problem child in that thread. If it's a new one, add the info to the thread so others will know about it too.
  7. Maybe you already have a version of these since you said you use Sony but I've always liked the Sony DJ style headphones. Very good sound quality for the price. Downside for me though is I get hot as hell whenever I'm wearing big over the ear headphones. http://www.amazon.com/Sony-MDR-V700DJ-DJ-Style-Monitor-Headphones/dp/B00001W0DH
  8. Make sure you crank your volumes all the way up on your bass and calibrate it within Rocksmith. Helps a little but i've found there's not a whole lot you can do, Rocksmith just doesn't do well on some of the bass tones. I've got a bunch of downtuned deftones songs etc. that I can't ever break 70 or 80% on because it just doesn't recognize the notes even though I'm hitting them.
  9. I believe it has to do with whether or not you bought the game through steam or not. I have a steam account but I didn't buy the game through steam, so if I try to buy content on steam (even though I have a legit PC version I paid for) it gives me an error message that I don't have a Steam version of the game. Haven't cared enough to figure out if there is a fix for it, their loss of funds.
  10. There are scales and other practice tools people have uploaded. Often times the Artist will be listed as "You" but I haven't actually used any of them so I can't speak to their effectiveness.
  11. Start with shorter intervals. Play everyday for 30 mins each day and you'll work up some good callouses. I know I've thrown a couple layers of athletic tape on the tips of my fingers from time to time when I've had issues and it's just enough of an extra layer to keep me from getting blisters.
  12. Parameters on how much you want to spend, how many strings etc. would be very helpful. Type of music you play etc. if you head over to Talkbass.com you'll find endless amounts of threads on various basses that I'm sure may peak your interest.
  13. Father's Day present - got the Zoom B3 which I'm loving so far. If anybody has any favorite settings let me know and I'll check them out.
  14. Money isn't really the issue, it's more the damn self control I have ;) I know it's a casual hobby for me and I'm probably not ever playing for anybody other than myself so I'm not planning on investing too much in it at the moment (famous last words I'm sure). At first glance I really like that B3 - looks like we have an early leader.
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