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  1. Happy Birthday PHANTOMxALPHA!

  2. Happy Birthday PHANTOMxALPHA!

  3. Hey, so I just got a my first seven string guitar and I'm loving it so far. There's one thing though...I want to understand a bit more if there is any that I can do with a seven string. I know everything on a normal guitar but is there some things I can practice or techniques unique to a seven string? I'm looking into incorporating the 7 string into the songs I write now.
  4. Remember that demo... https://soundcloud.com/phantom-studios717/harmonic-blues-acoustic-version
  5. Thanks. I'll take your advice from now on. The only one I liked was an arrangement of Auld Lang Syne for Rocksmith. All in all a major thanks again.
  6. I've been off for a good time with SAT TestingAP ExamsACT-SO Music CompetitionGame Designand Writing Songs My issue is for however long now, I've been composing songs but failing or disliking many. I try and do blues, rock, rock ballads, acoustic stuff, all that good stuff, but I can't get it to release point. Are there any PC tools that can help me come up with ideas? I have used FL Studio to make a midi song which I enjoyed but I want to record live and real songs. I know scales and chords but like I never know what's best. I'd like feedback and I'm uploading a small demo track.
  7. Yeah it's happening to me too. What Are your specs? OS?
  8. I had this idea while watching the original Cartoon Network shows and I thought "Hey, what if we made a collection of CDLCs that mash up our favorite themes from our favorite childhood tv shows like Teen Titans or Fosters Home or Full House or something. Like all the CDLCs would be instrumental versions with lead guitars taking up vocal parts or any high parts, theme gets the main riffs, and bass gets to cover their bits. For this to work I feel like ALL of customs forge can come chip in. There Would Be teams for each Network Chosen Teams will have 3 Charters or more (Depends on how many themes in each medley)1 or 2 Midi writers, for backing tracks of the songMy first idea is everyone mentions a song on this thread and we take a vote at the end of the month for the top songs for each channel Cartoon Network (Original: TT, Cow and Chicken, Power Puff Girls, Courage, ect.)Cartoon Network (New: Steven Universe, Johnny Test, Gumball, Adventure Time, ect.)NickelodeonDisneyExtracting charts from pre-made CDLCs as parts would be even better and faster

  10. Well unfortunately my computer has been hacked with ransomeware and it's blocking tons of my stuff so until I remove it and recover my files and control, my stuff will not be out for a long time... :unsure:
  11. I have almost all the tones for the lead part so if you want to play that part through I'll compile it for you
  12. I've been coming home everyday and splitting time between my new video game and its fundraiser and these projects. Habanera is almost done (yay for inching closer) but the rest need to be finished up a bit more.
  13. I'm getting the mem has nothing to do with it so idk what's your view if the mouse only works now
  14. After a short period it started acting up again, what do I need to do to fix the key bindings.
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