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  1. Hope everyone's staying safe out there!

  2. Happy Birthday Strikepv!

  3. Happy Birthday Strikepv!

  4. Go to your history on youtube and see if the video is in there. As long as it was a youtube video, even one embedded on another site, it'll still come up in your history.
  5. Be cool and follow me on twitter so I feel good about myself: https://twitter.com/BrandonPoole93

  6. It's at the DVD quality setting! :) 48 Cable seemingly works as fine as day one. I can go in and 'Listen to this device' and hear my playing just fine. It doesn't sound any more or less distorted from any other day as far as I can tell. I also run windows 7 so any windows 10 update won't mess me up lol. I tried resetting things to default and calibrating, restarting my machine and re-launching rocksmith and I still get the constant crackle/pop noise. I can make a video of the two different sound issues I'm having if it'll help.
  7. Recently, I've had to go into my Rocksmith ini file and change "Win32UltraLowLatency=" from 1 to 0. The reason was I went into Rocksmith one day and I was getting a constant popping/cracking noise that got worse whenever I made noise with my guitar. It was unbearable. The only fix I found was to change the aforementioned setting. HOWEVER, I've noticed that I can't get my volume nearly as loud as I had previously. I've tried messing with the gain and volume from with the sound mixer, etc. The end result is that once the volume get's so high it's sound terrible. Sort of like static and electronic noise together instead of a nice smooth note. So I was just wondering if there was some change somewhere that I'd have to have made this change and if maybe there's away to go back to how I had it before. Thanks for taking the time to read and I'd be interested in knowing if anyone else has experienced this issue.
  8. I just played rocksmith 2014 yesterday with no issues. Jumped on here downloaded some CDLC and now the game is unplayable. The FPS must be >1 It starts as soon as you get "Rocksmith 2014" with the Enter Button on screen. I removed all the CDLC I downloaded and restarted the games multiple times and it still happens. Anyone else having this issue recently or know of a way to fix it?
  9. Sure! I'll try it myself, it'll be the greatest of epic fails :D
  10. Hello everyone! I'm Strikepv. I've been playing Bass since April 2014. My absolute favorite Japanese band is definitely SCANDAL. I like plenty more than just them though! ONE OK ROCK LiSA KANA-BOON Etc. I've found most of them because of CDLC creators like you guys, so thank you very much! I actually have some playthrough videos on my YT channel, quite a bit of them are Japanese songs as well :D
  11. Are you still interested in someone trying this?
  12. Streaming over at Twitch.tv/strikepv

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