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    Joe Jackson, most of the earlier New Wave, Goth, punk, Post-Punk music, Classic Rock, some Alternative, 90s~2000s Country, Christian Rock/Pop, modern Bollywood & other World Music, ......... even some Metal
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  1. some cool Bollywood songs
  2. i was suprised that neither of these were available: Meredith Brooks : Bitch Lucy Woodward : Dumb Girls at least the Bass parts please Thanx
  3. more bass requests ....... King of New Orleans : Better Than Ezra DizzKneeLand : Dada Groove Line : Heatwave The Night Owls : Little River Band
  4. bass parts for the following : Tell Me Something Good : Rufus & Chaka Kahn Never Been Any Reason : Head East My Fault : Eminem Cry Lonely : Cross-Canadian Ragweed Dizzy : Tommy Roe The Queen & The Soldier : Suzanne Vega Undertow : Suzanne Vega Wicked Games : Chris Isaac Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing Change : Killing Joke We All Stand : New Order For The Longest Time : Billy Joel El Salvador : The Insane Castle Walls : Styx Friday : Joe Jackson On Your Radio , Sunday Papers, Pretty boys (heck - the complete Look Sharp & I'm The Man Albums )
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