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  1. I use a Toshiba S50-B-15N which is a lightweight laptop with Core i5 and AMD M260 graphics. I play at 1080 resolution and never reduce the graphics settings - there is no lag and it's smooth as long as I use a cooling pad, if not the laptop can start to stutter if the graphics card throttles back due to heat. Laptop has 8GB of RAM. The thing I liked about the Toshiba is the very nice screen (I'm a photographer), it's very slimline and light (I travel a lot as an airline employee) it has an excellent backlit keyboard for late nights in hotels and a mix of USB 2 and 3 ports. Plus it's not a high end gaming machine so isn't heavy or crazily expensive - an excellent all rounder
  2. I'm very grateful for the help. I think I'm starting to understand Steam better now then - it's sort of the PC equivalent of the playstation store/uplay. So looking at my options I can buy a boxed version for about £40 with a realtone cable from Amazon or a Steam download version for about £24. Sounds like the latter would be my best bet as I already own 3x realtone cables (2 from the PS3 boxed versions of original rocksmith and 2014 I bought and another cable I purchased separately as a spare for travelling with my PC). Just one final thing should I uninstall my cracked PC copy of the game before installing my legit version i.e. will they conflict with each other or is it OK to have both installed on the same machine? It's just that I'm aware that I need to modify my legit copy to accept cdlc when I get it and I'm a bit reluctant to uninstall my nice working cracked version and all it's lovely cdlc until I know that modification is successful. Yes it's annoying that I've bought quite a lot of content for the PS3 version already including quite a lot of songpacks as well as the key to port over my old original Rocksmith stuff so having to buy them all again seems a terrible waste of money but I think going forward I am playing more on the PC than I do on the PS3 and so I just feel it makes more sense to commit to one platform for the future and buy all my content and play on that rather than sort of running two systems in parallel. I drifted away from the PS3 because of the availability of cdlc on PC and the fact that I end up in hotels a lot in my job with just the PC for company. As a result my PS3 and all its song-packs isn't getting used so much. Grateful for any thoughts/input/advice, I guess with hindsight I should have bought the PC versions rather than the PS3 ones but I guess I've had a lot off fun with them anyhow. Birdseed
  3. Thanks guys - I really appreciate the help. I have purchased the Spinal Tap content for my fully legal PS3 version. If you were going to purchase a PC copy of the game too am I better going with the download steam version or a boxed retail version? In short does it matter in terms of the range of official downloadable tracks? Also does it have any impact on unofficial dlcI might want to add? I will buy the game for PC too - I just need to know which version would be best to buy. Thanks again, Birdseed
  4. Hi guys, I have purchased Rocksmith original and 2014 for PS3. I also have a PC copy of the game that allows me to use cdlc for PC when I'm travelling with a laptop. I'm very keen to buy the Spinal Tap songpack as well as some others but can I add them to the PC game even if I don't have a stream account as they all seem to be stream downloads? Grateful if anyone can help.
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