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  1. Happy Birthday dave!

  2. Happy Birthday dave!

  3. its 4 songs......war cry is pretty good.
  4. Around 10 years ago I gave the 13 year old son of a friend a go on my cheap acoustic....... showed him about 3 chords ( every thing I knew basically lol) and he sat there quite happily for an hour bashing away at it...... jump to present day he's just released this....
  5. I'm not going to make a recommendation as I truly think guitars are a personal taste and feel different for all.....however I can tell you about the basses I tried and the reasons I have the ones I do......BTW I am by no means an accomplished player... I started with a fender starcaster el cheapo....which was great for a first bass, did exactley what it said on the tin, but it was extremely heavy and because of my back I couldnt play it for long, so decided to try an Ibanez sr 500, instant chalk and cheese, really showed the flaes that the cheapo had, also extremely light and really versatil
  6. Yeah I see that but you used to be able to enter 5 string as a search and only show those tracks.
  7. There used to be a way to search for additional instruments (ie 5string bass) but now i dont seem to be able to do this, is this feature gone or have I missed it in the settings? thanks.
  8. my newest family pic
  9. on the filters search I'm trying to narrow by member and get nothing from any members. If I browse and click on members sort (top of column) i get a tables error with a link to a tables website, clicking the up down sort feature does not seem to sort into any type of discernible order.
  10. Agreed..... keep them as a bonus track.
  11. pretty mixed feelings, amazing dlc pack :P ......free to bone and PSwhores :angry: .... all console release :D .......free to new console owners :angry: . 4 versions bought since release.......over 1300 quid spent on upgrading pc equipment and sound systems and couple of grands worth of guitars/basses.....not one penny regretted.... but seeing an announcement which is basically "new customers only" sticks in my craw a bit. Stoked to see jimi but the shine got knocked off somewhat. Ps....been trying to post this for about 20 mins and it wouldnt post for some reason.
  12. I have a steam version with all official dlc and a clone which runs independent of steam and ubisoft with all my cldc tracks..... this is the same for my desktop and pc so having multi pc's is not a problem
  13. is there a way to stop the search feature auto searching as soon as some letters are typed...... have to keep clicking back into the search bar every couple of seconds as it searches for matches for what i have just typed. Can we have it so it waits for the enter button to be pressed or is it something i need to change in my settings.
  14. I'm now using an ASUS X550l intel core I7 laptop running 8.1 sound either through turtle beach X12's or a Phillips 2.1 75w speaker setup (excellent bass response and sound) which fits great in my Knox backpack. Normally travels with my Ibanez sr500 bass or the schecter 6 string.
  15. Do we have anybody on here who is proficient with guitar pro and could do a help video for us, driving myself crazy trying to find tabs for a song and only finding printed tabs. Ive found a version of a song which sounds great but cant get the guitar pro file anywhere..... Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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