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  1. I agree, if you mean just the downward sound effect thing, it doesn't make much difference where you start the slide from. You can just kinda throw your hand randomly at the fretboard there and achieve a similar sound. Of course when making Rocksmith notes you have to mark the start somewhere, so for example 12 frets (octave) above what's currently being played makes logical sense and sounds nice. (Necro post because we're working on an update to the file at the moment. :D )
  2. Yeah, persistence makes skin harder for most people, but some just have softer skin that can't be helped, I guess. I know because I have to stop wallclimbing when others are like only halfway through their practice. :E But no worries, because there are plenty of options for bass players. Try medical tape or climbing tape for example. As far as I know they should protect the skin well without being too much of an impediment for playing.
  3. Yeah, currently if you download a challenging song, it's very likely going to be unfinished or just really badly done. It's a kinda sad state of affairs; we have this awesome site but users are discouraged to search for new stuff because everyone knows they're digging through a huge mountain of poop to find that gem or two. Not blaming anyone here, it's just the way things are – it's the same in sites that host guitar tabs. Now I suppose we have a consensus on two things: 1) Rating systems come with all sorts of issues 2) Moderation is too much hard work So my suggestion is: put up a section where (some) mods have hand-picked some really good customs. The important point is, it doesn't have to be fair. It doesn't have to include every good custom. It's only important that it doesn't include bad ones. No one has to work their assess off being the judges. Just add a song whenever you feel like it. Or you could make it a weekly thing. Or whatever. Then that part of the site would have some decent content, like if I download a custom from there, I can trust it has correct notes and decent tones. And if not then I can complain and get it out of there. It'd be awesome for discovering previously unknown songs to play, too. The rest of the site could be just as it is now. No one would have to feel bad. And the rest of the site could still be used to find (and improve?) customs on your favourite bands/tracks.
  4. Anything you plug your guitar into is a pitch-shifter – the device can't know which strings you're using, so you can't change from one tuning type to another. It just shifts all sound up or down. Also, there will be delay, loss in quality, or both. Pitch-shifting (without time-shifting) doesn't always sound very good, even when you do it on a computer. And the pedal has to do it real-time. Another problem is that the "original" acoustic sound from your guitar is going to sound out of tune and disturb you unless you play quite loud or use (closed or semi-open) headphones. Ymmv, but in my opinion it's much less hassle to just tune the guitar. It doesn't take that long.
  5. To clarify, I'm talking about these:
  6. Ohai. I'm trying to make my first custom here. It's going to be pretty hard to play, and I'd like to give the player instructions on which frethand fingers to use for some notes. In EOF, I've set frethand positions with shift-F, and marked finger info on some notes by pressing F. But the note-specific finger numbers don't seem to appear in the game in any way. Am I missing something? I've seen frethand numbers on the fretboard in the game. Can I make them appear for individual notes somehow? Or is that thing only for chords?
  7. Rocksmith 2014 isn't very demanding on your computer, it should run pretty well on any midrange PC. You may be able to get a few milliseconds out of latency by using an external sound card rather than the motherboard. No guarantees though, and the difference won't be dramatic. (Latency setting 1 vs 2 in my case - both are fine to play.) Most importantly, check your in-game audio settings. The latency doesn't go down by itself, you have to go to the audio settings and set it to the level your computer can handle (the default latency is pretty long).
  8. Fraps or Bandicam for recording. If you get no sound in your recordings, turn "exclusive mode" off from Rocksmith audio settings. As for the video editing, yeah see a tutorial.
  9. Great tutorial, thanks! Helped me into creating my first custom. I have only two complaints: 1) In the first post, you should clarify what is needed regarding WWise. (Authoring binaries only or some of the SDK stuff? I'm guessing the authoring binaries are enough and you don't have to register?) Registering etc. with them is a pretty big pain in the ass, and it's pointless hassle to install tons of their stuff if it isn't actually needed. 2) There's no instructions on if I wanted to tab a song myself. Currently it only instructs me on how to take someone else's Guitar Pro file and go with that. That's a lazy way to do it and leads to bad customs (because online tabs are often bad) - the tutorial should help people to correct or improve the notes, or make new ones from scratch. Cheers.
  10. Go with closed models then (instead of open or semi-open). What's your budget?
  11. These keep me warm up here in the North! :D Seriously though, you don't need to worry. Getting your hands a little cold isn't dangerous. (Unless it gets extremely cold, like frostbite.) But do let your fingers warm up before you start playing, obviously. Any gloves should do, but as Tysylio said, mittens tend to be warmer. Losing a little skin from the fingertips by playing isn't dangerous either. It's just the outer layers. (Unless you have some skin condition and you're bleeding or something.) Keep playing actively and the skin stays hard, stop playing for a week or two and it softens again, leaving string prints and peeling off. It's normal. Or how about Doggie Mittens?
  12. I switched from classical to electric, and a thumb pick seems to be the thing for me. Tried to get used to all sorts of normal picks with varying success but the thumbpick was an instant yes. It just sits much more comfortably in my hand and I can still pluck with my fingers every now and then. It has to be the plasticky sort of thing too, because they bend a little to adjust to your thumb (metal ones don't and feel awkward). http://www.sweetwater.com/images/items/750/ThumbPickL5-large.jpg
  13. The comment "you're going to be a superstar!" also sounds awfully sarcastic. :D
  14. Either way would be an improvement!
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