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  1. Happy Birthday figital!

  2. Happy Birthday figital!

  3. i just tried 10 times to thank james for ADOLESCENT SEX... it did not work. so sadly, it is here that i announce i will no longer be posting thanks on charters pages. i used to enjoy doing that too...such a shame. but 10 times is 9 times too many.
  4. hello everyone! i was trying to record my gameplay and i am having some issues. FRAPS works ok, but the software is clunky and the resulting files are huge. i heard about OBS and it sounded amazing. so i grabbed it and put it on my comp and when i load it up, i get a black screen. i can choose rocksmith.exe ok in the drop down, but when i look at the preview, i get a tiny red dot in the upper left and nothing more. i did a ctrl +F to make the red box the full screen. is there something i am missing here? i watched some vids on youtube and i understand all the basics, but it seems to not work. thanks for any and all help!
  5. hello, does anyone know why there's a glitch that causes my 'thank you' posts to get eaten by the system and never appear? this has been happening for maybe 6 months, but is getting worse. i tried to say thanks on a post the other day 3 times and none of them appeared and i gave up. i would love to know there is a simple fix. i love saying thanks, and it's a bummer when it doesn't work as i know these charters want the love they so richly deserve!!!
  6. for the second day in a row, i have had a 90 minute session with no tone drop by not running the game from the CFSM. i am happy that it seems to be sorted out, i was getting bummed as playing is not nearly as fun with no tones!! tomorrow i am going to try running the game from CFSM and see if it causes it to tone drop.
  7. thanks @@firekorn. that is helpful... today i had a 90 minute session with no tone drop by not running the game from CFSM. so that might have something to do with it, as i do normally do launch my game from the song manager program.
  8. thanks for the reply RubberDave i wonder if it's tied into the issues with the last update and the changes they made to the real tone cable settings? i've started keeping a log, so i can try to see if there's any patterns. in the meantime, maybe others will chime in on their experiences as well...
  9. hello, i was wondering if anyone had looked into what causes the tone drop? i used to think it was on a cdlc where the author didn't add in a bass tone to the package, but i have had the issue on customs where there is an assigned tone. so i hope someone had done some more serious looking into it and might have some answers. for a long time, i sometimes didn't notice the tone drop. the bass would still sound like a bass with no effects with a lower volume. once i noticed the issue, i changed my preset tone #4 to be ORION by metallica, which just howls. so it's easy to know when you've turned it on. and i sporadically test it in game to make sure that the tone is still working. 2 days ago i did a session with all official dlc and game songs and that was 100 percent fine. at the end, i changed to ORION and it still worked. yesterday, i played dlc and pretty much after the first song, which did have a tone in it's package, the tone dropped. so for the rest of the game, the tone is just a bass with no effects, but the game still tracks my playing ok. i have the most recent update of RS, a pc with win 7, CFSM 1.3 and all my cdlc has been repaired in the song manager. i guess compared to the problems some people have had, i have it easy, but it'd be nice to figure out the cause of the problem. thanks!!
  10. another thing to try is to make sure you only are running one microphone* at a time. go to the bottom right corner, right click the speaker and the click recording devices. make sure to disable anything that is NOT the rocksmith tone cable. they actually have done a few updates now and i think the second one made the cable not work when anything conflicted with the rs cable. hope that helps! *the rs tone cable gets recognized in windows as a microphone.
  11. so what is the normal protocol to report completed songs? a post like this or should i pm @@ForgeOn? thanks!
  12. hello! i noticed that some songs i requested have been done!! xtc - dear god the shadows - FBI duran duran - girls on film (bass) i am not sure how to clear the list, so i hope someone can help! thanks very much to all...
  13. thanks! that was super useful!!
  14. awesome hints and tips!! thanks so much for taking the time to do such great work.
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