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  1. Wouldn't it be easier to save a gp4 file as a gp5 file? Guitar Pro 6 at least supports this.
  2. To the first question: Yes. As seen in this official DLC, chord panes are displayed inside handshape phrases: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mI_fniggOS0 Second question: yes.
  3. That should not be happening. First off, because when you update, the default settings are the same as any previous versions, and there should not be any change in behaviour. If there are, Press F11, disable "Apply crazy status to...." and set chord density threshold to 10000 (10 seconds) ms. But don't set it to 10000. That's silly. 1000 is good enough, and probably too much already.
  4. True, and disabling that function and setting the chord density threshold to a low value would do the same anyway.
  5. I want a repeat line even if there is a rest between chords, if the former chord is a palm/string muted chord. palm/string muted chords don't ring out, and when you have a lot of switches between muted and non-muted chords, it could clutter up the screen. For example, this is how something like that is currently imported: http://puu.sh/ipHRe/6bcd59a092.png In essence, those palm-muted chords don't need a crazy status, because they don't ring out anyway.
  6. Thank you! lots of great improvements :D Edit: I think you can improve the 'Apply crazy to repeated chords separated by a rest' function by making an exception if the previous chord is a palm or string muted chord. What do you guys think about that?
  7. It's the closest you can get if you want to slide from an open 6th string. If you're on the 5th string or higher, you can transpose it to one string lower, 5 frets up (or 3-4 depending on which string you're coming from, and the tuning), and then slide up. So for example, if you have an open string note A that you want to slide up, in standard tuning this would be an open note on the fifth string. Fret 5 on the sixth string is the same note (in standard tuning).
  8. You can't. What you could do is have an open string note, then a hammer on to another note, which slides upwards. RS2014 does not support open string slides.
  9. Right... that might be a problem. Maybe start the look-up from the end of a chord instead of the beginning? Or just do the automatic crazy toggle thing. Probably easier.
  10. At the moment. YES. But not if you remove the look-ahead logic that EoF currently uses, which is what I'm basing this argument around. *bangs head on desk*
  11. Except that most charters either don't know about this, or don't care. Ten seconds is a LONG period for forward looking. I believe the easiest way to fix this would be to have EoF import chords with their correct length (so NO truncating chords to 1ms even though truncating short notes is on), and then just doing no look-ahead. This will achieve the following: * No more chord boxes that are 1 ms in length. They look so ugly, and chords don't need to be truncated anyway. * No more incorrect chord sustains * This might lead to slightly increased screen clutter, but this is negligible in 99
  12. You probably have the "Adjust notes/beats" option enabled in the leading silence window, whereas before you disabled it. Anyway, it's better this way. No need to shift notes around if you're importing from a gp file. Also with regards to vocals, you can just go to track_vocals, press ctrl+a to select everything, and then move everything 3 seconds. The Marks (blue lines) that denotes where a line starts and ends does not move with it, so you'll have to remark them (shortcut: ctrl+m). Also remember: LYRIC SUSTAIN. Keep that spacebar pressed for however long that syllable is sung. http://cust
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