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  1. Most of my CDLC is ganked as well. Til I followed this: http://customsforge.com/topic/25877-cdlc-not-working/?p=196795
  2. Or if you want to delete the whole file, you can manually do it by finding the DLC folder in your game directtory; something like: Drive Letter/:steam/steamapps/common/Rocksmith2014/DLC Find the correct *.psarc (PC) file and just delete it.
  3. I think that the proper etiquette should be to ask the original charter if you can alter or collaborate if you're thinking of editing someone else's chart that they've spent ages working on. Otherwise you should make one from scratch yourself. I'd definitely give the original charter credit. I've helped a few people with their charts and have offered to alter or fix something and I rarely have anyone say no. Then I send it back and they release a new version. I don't mind that I spend time on something for it to be released by somebody else - I just like to see a quality product released so that the community can benefit from having it out there.
  4. Awesome!! Got any vids? I haven't gotten around to putting any up yet :)
  5. Riff repeater added, folks! Same download link. I charted that one a fair while ago - before I was doing RR all wrong :)
  6. I'm glad you brought this up. I've been going a while and, though I have been steadily improving, I've become somewhat concerned because I still haven't managed to work in any real 'pinky' action on the fret board. I guess that's one of the disadvantages of jumping right into learning songs and neglecting the technique. You have to be conscious of it and really work at it, especially when you jump 3 or 4 frets like in a walking blues bass line, which judging by your signature it seems that you like to play :) There's no secret I'm afraid other than practice. I used to only fret with three fingers and slide my ring finger up and down the fret board instead of stretching with my pinky but you lose control of where you're at unless you constantly look at the frets. The other thing I did was when I initially tried to fret with my pinky, I found that I was reinforcing it with my ring finger because, like I said, it wasn't strong enough. It just comes with practice and it pays off in the long run as your fretting hand doesn't have to move so much. Take a look at this guy playing some 12 bar blues riffs. Check out the pinky. https://youtu.be/XgJS82kOvl8?t=1m
  7. I've been playing bass for a number of years and I have a very strong grip and muscles in my fretting hand which I would not have otherwise developed I don't think. So with that in mind I think you need to build up your grip strength. I remember when I started out I felt fatigued and sore after playing for a while. I remember I couldn't fret with my little finger for ages due to not having the strength to do so but that eventually came as well with persistence. I'm pretty sure I remember buying a rubber ball to squeeze in my downtime to build up those muscles. Anyway I think it's just natural; using those muscles that you haven't worked out before. The only way you're going to get more 'fit' is to keep 'working out' :D
  8. Geez. My first reaction was the Real Tone cable but you say that's not the issue. Could be a driver issue? When I switched to Windows 10 I had to update a lot of drivers. Or try running the speaker configuration again - maybe play around with the speaker properties > levels & enhancements? If all else fails, uninstall > reboot > reinstall?? After backing up your customs folder of course. Good luck!
  9. Yeh that's why I started making customs. Some charters are really good about the feedback and will even send you their files or give you the go ahead to make corrections to their work as they understand that its for the greater good. Then there's the "others" who just ignore you and don't respond to messages etc. The more frustrating aspects of this forum are where users pull a half-arsed Guitar Pro file from the internet and slap it into EoF and post it would any testing and ignoring the fact that's badly out-of-sync. That's where you'll find yourself getting frustrated and making your own version of songs and it might explain why there are multiple versions. But I think that's gotten a lot less frequent over the life of this community. Most people are open to constructive criticism or a helping hand. Good luck! http://customsforge.com/forum/78-tutorials/
  10. Limited time this week. This'll have to do :( http://i.imgur.com/smO1wm6.jpg?1
  11. First Megadeth song that I've EVER listened to .... And I really liked it!! I'm missing a couple of notes that just wont co-operate with my fingers! First screeny: http://i.imgur.com/A3e3Z7G.jpg
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