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  1. Hi, Came across a song that has 4 different BPMs. Is it possible to "associate" a section to a certain BPM in EoF? -Allowing for multiple BMPs in one song? i am able to do so in guitar pro but it doesn't replicate in EoF and if I try to change manually it changes the whole song's bmp, not just the phrase I want Just trying to figure out a way to edit less notes possible but it looks pretty bad...May have to redo the tabs myself instead of trying to make the circle fit in the square... Thanks.
  2. There are no pc file anywhere I converted and exported/imported in separate folders. I'm keeping my library in both format separately. So many have no art work and when you click on them they disappear. Nothing happens, the selection goes to the nest one and so on and so forth. Thus far, I got tired of it, even those with artwork and mp3 playing, the song crashes right after tuning. How can I send you a file? Thanks
  3. Ok, here's another problem I've encountered. I hope there's a fix for it. I transferred my library over to the mac. Now 60% of the songs doesn't show album artwork and when I click on it, it disappear! All my stats are listed, ie how many times I played the song, my score etc... Also some other songs have the album cover and they just crash. Any solutions out there? What I did is run my files through the toolkit to convert the psarc to m_psarc and this is the result I have... Thanks
  4. Never mind guys, I thought it would be faster to re-download via the CDLC search engine but because there are so many songs reported as multiplatform when they really are not, it turns out it was faster to convert my 900 somewhat songs representing 6 gigs via the toolkit than re-downloading the songs. I wish when people create a CDLC they would do it fully...It's not that much harder to create the tracks for bass & rythym, adding lyrics and making it available on all platforms!
  5. Hi there, I'm switching back and forth between playing on a mac and a pc. I am trying to duplicate my files on both systems and I am having issues. On the cdlc search engine, there are lots of song formatted for mac. When I click on those to download, many now don't offer a selection of platform. They only offer psarc files. In the past I had to download m_psarc files to work on Mac. Since most songs are now listed on multi platforms but only available to download on psarc does that mean I no longer need the m_psarc files? or does it mean the users who upload songs claiming multi platform but in reality it's just pc? Here's an example: search AC/DC highway to hell from Gizmo. clearly states all platforms when you click to download, it takes you to the medifire site to exchange the file but the only file availabale to download is a psarc file, there's no option for a m_psarc file... Help
  6. Hi there, finalized my cdlc only to have the toolkit telling me Wwise didn't work properly. I'm back at it after a 2 years hiatus so I downloaded all the new software updates. Now that I have gone through making my cdlc, i read that the newest version of Wwise may be the problem. So, which version should I use and where can I find it? The toolkit did save my work as a .dlc extension. Do I have to start again from scratch or is there a way to save some of the work I did? Much appreciated.
  7. Thanks, that's very helpful, one more question. I used to use the toolkit when i had an issue that needed fixing, is there anything that CFSM fixes that the toolkit doesn't? Thanks again.
  8. Good afternoon all, I have been off for almost 2 years. i am downloading all the programs to make my own CDLCs as all programs have been updated since I last work with them all... Having said that, there is a new program available (CFSM) that wasn't in existence before (or has it replaced the toolkit?) Is this program necessary to create CDLCs? Any help would be appreciated. I have read the FAQs and couldn't find anything on the usage of CFSM. Thanks.
  9. Thanks! the DD option did not work, i had to unpack it and fix it in EOF.
  10. Hi There, I'm on PC platform and having an issue with one song in particular. it worked fine until the remastered version came out. The song is Carol of the Bells by the Trans Siberian Orchestra. The song starts and plays fine but the fretboard is stuck on fret 17-21 and doesn't move so when the notes are up the neck, they dissappear! It's the only song I have that does that and it didn't do in the past. I've re-downloaded the DLL file in case, the CDLC and nothing changes. Anyone knows how to fix that? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Hi there, I haven't played since early January so when I launch Steam, Rocksmith won't start. I played the remastered version before so I\m not sure what changed. I re-downloaded the .dll file but it didn't work. It just hangs without any error message. Any idea of what to do? I saw the post on USB key fixing it but it didn't work for me. Any thoughts? Platform is PC
  12. Hi there, I haven't played since mid-January, when I launched steam to start Rocksmith remastered, it just hangs and rocksmith never launches. I was playing the remastered version before without any problems. I re-downloaded the .dll patch but that didn't work. I don't even get an error message, it just hangs. Any thoughts?
  13. Hi Guys, Quick question regarding the toolkit. What's the difference between the "load package" and "import package" button in the toolkit?
  14. Howdy, Does anyone know the tone/pedals used by Slash on Mr. Brownstone from Appetite? Thanks in advance.
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