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  1. Happy Birthday Darjusz!

  2. Happy Birthday Darjusz!

  3. I'll try. First of all. We don't want any Mac user to install VS/MonoDevelop and build the app from scratch on a Mac system. That's not the point. We want to run the same official builds, so the instructions are more simple actually. 1) Install Mono release on your Mac machine 2) Copy over all app files from Windows machine with the app installed already to a folder on Mac 3) Open Terminal in that directory and type: mono CustomForgeSongManager.exe However, we've tested this today internally (thanks, @Zagatozee) and the app crashes on start, probably because the app wasn't able to access registry in which it searches for Rocksmith installed directory. I'm not 100% on that since I don't have a Mac machine to debug, but that's my best guess. The best workaround would be to code the app so that if it detects that it runs on the Mac's Mono then don't try to accessing the registry. And that's the first hurdle, who knows what else we'll discover during testing.
  4. Yeah, there are some significant changes in my life going on which will dramatically change my life (hopefully), so I don't mind admins editing the post. I do realize that some parts might be already way outdated, so I don't see a reason to keep this topic as helpful as possible for all cdlc creators :)
  5. Darjusz

    Full exe

    Hey @@ChromeCrow Please try newest version. Announcement
  6. Hey @@antinull Please try newest version. Announcement
  7. @@mickeyjordan1950, if you are still unable to run it, please retry above steps once more in 5 minutes. I've just published version http://i.imgur.com/7fvdPWt.png
  8. Hey @@mickeyjordan1950, Please try uninstalling the app completely using Control Panel: http://i.imgur.com/EdUTB4p.png Go to the official site and download setup.exe on your Desktop, run it and install the app. I just did that and I'm able to run it: http://i.imgur.com/Ew2UOea.png Unfortunately I don't have Windows 10, so I can't provide you more help on that.
  9. @@Kennifer What browser are you using? Try using Chrome - it's working for me just fine.
  10. @@fiend can you confirm that the latest version fixes the issue?
  11. @@Remco32 can you confirm the issue has been fixed with the latest update? Nevermind, didn't saw the previous answer
  12. @@tc_ski#1 If this will be possible we might include it in nearest releases.
  13. @@papillon The application already allows you to export to CSV, I don't know what language you write in but I think there is already a CSV parser written by someone, have you checked?
  14. Just create another tab next to the Renamer. I think that would do. If you find it more complicated we can talk about it more on Slack later today.
  15. Try creating the folder manually and see if debug.log file is being created inside.
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