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  1. Happy Birthday Darjusz!

  2. Happy Birthday Darjusz!

  3. Happy Birthday Darjusz!

  4. Happy Birthday Darjusz!

  5. Happy Birthday Darjusz!

  6. There's a support forum for placing issues set up. It's in 1st post of this and the official topic. Your posts containg issues were hidden by me due to incorrect place to write them. Create a proper issue/bug report in the proper forum and we'll be glad to help you.
  7. Hey @@droh99, we're working on Winforms app w/ background thread, file operations, web client. How familiar you are with those? Are you able to write unit tests?
  8. I'm familiar with WInForms and little WPF, so I can help. And I also recommend staying with C# (+Mono for releases on Linux/Mac). Maybe I could help.
  9. But completely ignoring my free will of helping without even informing that you're full isn't anything good, right...? ;) Anyway, to not to sound like a douche I didn't worry and care, so no grief. It's nothing against you. Now, before I will submit my application, you need to know, that if you are looking for full commitment from my side you won't get it. I have my own life, as all of us here do, so please don't expect me to be for your every demand. It's hard to tie up everything that I do and want for the day, not mentioning random events preventing me from being available. I also want t
  10. C# .NET/MySQL/MSSQL/PHP Developer (profession) + Dedicated server admin (hobbyist) here. I've asked if you need help few times, but no one seemed to care, so I was quite disapointed and I've never brought this topic again.
  11. Let me throw something in also: ToDo: - it would be nice if when user adds a song to the DB then the auto generated topic would include also the band name. Also, if you lack of working hands on PHP development I would might be able to contribute by creating that request system since I've worked with some PHP projects. PM me, if interested. Also, thanks for work you've already done.
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