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  1. In my memory I did create french accentued lyrics in RS1 but it was a long time ago (in a galaxy far far away) So I can't assure you that it is working. Anyway who is using RS1 anymore ? I think if something broke the user will tell you that it's not working anymore.
  2. I confirm that accented characters from french are working well. I do spend a lot of time adding it to th xml files since EoF "removed" them... If you could add them back this would be amazing !
  3. Unfortunately I don't have time right now to test it... I'm so sorry but be sure I'll let you know if something bother me :p But to be honest, I trust you that you made it right ;) Thank you so much once again. I can't say it enough
  4. Can't wait to test this version thank you so much raynebc
  5. oh right :) Sorry can't wait. Thank you so much for your work.
  6. Didn't read anything about fingering available for differents tracks in latest upadte (2-28-2017) is it still planned ? Is it already working and I didn't know ? Thanks ahead
  7. Wow amazing that would be awesome. A lot of time I thought about this feature. I can't wait ! You are the best ! Thanks again (and again, and again). can't thank you enough
  8. I did not really understand your meaning here but. I'm glad that what you already did is working fine. If you could make it easier that would be terrific. Otherwise can't wait for all tracks fingering ;)
  9. Ok the features seems to be working but this is not what I expected. For instance here my workflow http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/1613/afkixs3ebma1q7b4g.jpg I save my project and want to define all my fingering manually http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/0546/4jkdoddbc8azce74g.jpg http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/18f3/a14b3yyly4t0aha4g.jpg First it will ask the fingering for the chord on beat 6. --> I don't want to have fingering for this chord. http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/8678/kheyoun6hgsg30u4g.jpg Then I cancel, select the chord, press n, set it to fingerless then save ag
  10. Sorry I was off lately and I don't know when I can test it. But be sure I'll test it asap.
  11. Nice ! Thank you so much
  12. any news on this features ? If you prefer an option go for it since there's no actual right way to do it.
  13. In the naming maybe but i can't find any problem in lyrics with french character like é or à
  14. As far as i know, EoF did allow foreign character in lyrics a while ago. I thik my old custom like two years ago had accented characters like é or à and everything was fine. But since i don't remember when EoF warns me about those lyrics and the xml file generated remove those characters... So I use an old xml file with accented characters and everything works perfectly in RS for me. Could you add an option to force the use of this kind of characters but only warns that it might not work properly ? I'm pretty sure everything is fine in UTF-8.
  15. I didn't exactly understand everything you said technically but I do want a chord box for it but without any fingering and not having to repeat it during the chart. so having a notation like -1 to keep the chord box without fingering is ok or having a check box during the fingering would be easier imo. But you mentionned something about edit note (n shortcut) and I was thinking about fingering (f shortcut) Thank you for rout times guys you are amazing !
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