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  1. The 70y is not in every country, but you're right it's in many European countries, USA, Australia, Russia - Mexico has 100y :D Ofc it's ok to have a copyright - people should get paid for their work - as a customer I don't like to pay twice, but if I don't want to I just don't buy it. I'm not sure if the copyright has to be extended 70y after the death of the creator. You can't get books for a long time when they are sold out - you may get a 2nd hand book or in a library, but then you've to wait 70y ...
  2. In this exampe it's just 2 parties involved in the licensing - Ubisoft and the license holder for a song. I don't see where the argument with the Coca Cola or that it's in a Apple store combine together. The problem is the inflexibility of an Appstore and Microsoft wants to establish the same :D The content is dongled with an ecosystem - many more examples ... and ofc nothing will change it because it's nice milking the cashcow more than once. :P
  3. With 4 songs will be occupied for a long time. It's not a mobile edition of your RS license - if the same song is licensed for a previous edition and the iOS you've to buy it again :D I'm not not with the Coca-Cola example - if a customer buys a digital content he should be free to use it on all his devices, if you buy a ebook you should be able to read it on your favorite ebook reader platform, if you buy music you should be free to listen to it on your computer, in your car, on your mobile music player, ... but that's business If I bought additional songs for one of the console or PC vers
  4. Is there no development instance where you may test things before upgrading the productive system? I have no discord - was the backup broken since 5th and you had to go back each day to find a working backup copy? This was then really bad luck, because when upgrading there's always a chance that something goes wrong and if you can't rely on the backup you're lost.
  5. What is the purpose of the "Votes" column? There was a discussion about quality issues of some customs - a general vote will not reflect anything in that direction. As a suggestion (and maybe you've already something like that in mind) - give the vote feature to every user and add a group of users to evaluate their vote to get a classification of customs. Give them a list of criterias (sync, tab quality, quality of the rs charting, tones, audio, ...) and only votings of these users count for a classification. If more than +x of this group have added a vote display a label in the customs re
  6. Great songpack :) And thx @@dreddfoxx that we could play all these since RS1
  7. Good to hear that it went well and the next post should be "I'm playing my guitar again" ;) Recovery will take a few time, but then everything will be as before or even better.
  8. Dreddfoxx coded a tool for RS2012 which had some nice features and maybe you can get some ideas from it. The threads where users posted suggestions are gone with the old forum. What are the reasons to use Java? If it's portabillity there are 2 platforms where users might run it - PC and Mac. I don't know if it would take too much effort to code it and port it to OSX as a native app or running a virtual machine.
  9. You're solving discussions you don't like by deleting posts - and this is not the first time you did. You might give me the next non-expiring warning point, but maybe some people should stop to promote customs too offensive in public. The customs contain copyrighted material - agree? If you put it into a zip file or a psarc file where you have the tools to extract them is the same. Enjoy playing the customs, try to learn them, be a community, but don't shout it out everywhere that they exist. You'll be ignored if staying calm, but not if you act like a business owning any rights on the thing
  10. The import of XML is musicXML which is different from the EOF XML files. I've used it from scanned pages as export format to get it into guitar pro. As it's an XML format maybe it's easier to experiment with this (and not the binary gp format). If there's a possible transformation with it both would be XML and a conversion could be done in both directions.
  11. Guitar Pro 6 has it - if your arrangement for example 5 string bass has not that many notes played on the highest/lowest string you can transpose the notes in Guitar Pro 6 and then ignoring the string without notes in the import.
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