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  1. I'll stick to my Macbook Air, and Steam, for now. But if it were to break, I'm sure an iPad would be a cheaper replacement... and if CDLC worked on it I'd definitely be interested.
  2. I notice there's a gap in uploads to ignition, from 5th March? Do people who uploaded while there were problems need to upload again?
  3. Most played song: Cherub Rock Most played artist: Smashing Pumpkins ?
  4. Oh, I've just thought of something. I hope you can list songs in order, according to whether you should use a pick or not… Ah well - I guess there's always next time.
  5. A free patch… Does that mean we won't be able to use the old Rocksmith anymore, if we have problems with it, or if CDLC doesn't work with it?
  6. Oh, best of luck! When I was in hospital, I managed to create a CDLC… I still haven't finished it though. :D
  7. Wooo - is it someone's birthday? Where's the cake? MHR anyway! :D
  8. Take a look at all the songs that have been used in the Rocksmith Championship? They've all been well tested... Oh, and have fun! :D
  9. PS3 for standard Rocksmith and any of the songs I've already bought on it, and just starting out on Mac (Steam) for CDLC, because I wanted something portable and didn't want to jailbreak my PS3.
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