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  1. Well, what's stopping you, once lockdown's relaxed, of course? ;) I started out by answering an ad on Join My Band, been though a couple of iterations and a few interesting situations, but it's worth it to jam with other people.
  2. Do you have an audio interface? I just got mine set up yesterday to use it rather than the cable. Big difference, it sounds so much better. I used the setup here: https://github.com/mdias/rs_asio. After 3 cables flaking out this seems way better. Of late, I've just been using the mic on my Mac, but note recognition is not brilliant. Anyway, it seems I still have a band to go back to once lockdown is relaxed (we thought our singer was dead, but he has been back in touch...), so probably should stop messing around on Rocksmith anyway! ;) :lol:
  3. And once again, I have to apologise for disappearing off the face of the earth, or at least from this competition. My original (two) Realtone cables gave up long ago, and now my generic cable has also given up the ghost, so although I can still play along to Rocksmith, there's not much point in attempting to post scores... Have fun, all. I do still look in from time to time, to see if there's something worth learning. ;)
  4. Currently playing an Ibanez SRX 390... which is quite similar... in shape and form, but a metal player's dream... lol It's holding up well to being plucked higher up the neck, to produce more "mellow". lol
  5. I hope it's doing very well, hanging on my living room wall, miles away, while I'm with my mum, at her house, in lockdown.. :wacko: First world problems? :D
  6. Exactly. There really is no musical education there. Rocksmith is almost as educational, and much more fun, and accurate. Still, it is nice to get free stuff, so may work my way through it - see if it gets any better? Think I may also give them some feedback...
  7. Good to see so many great bass scores posted. Keep it up, peeps! :)
  8. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MHVL2SQgrD3wOpVcSmfYV8q8zRZdm2PX/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QMQ37OALyvjrdNAglw2BY9euPfyBsgvb/view?usp=sharing Wasn't happy with my first go, so gave it another shot: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Xuv8ypByX44HMSCJ1wap0N-_cm7l_GU_/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/15oho0m_krDdwBdO9KqCg5TyLMhKqL4SF/view?usp=sharing And I've done a 9 hour day, working from home, so I'm Not Awake!
  9. Yeah, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone yet, actually, from a bass point of view. I've got to the end of Level 2 and have learnt one thing - you can pluck double stops with two fingers, rather than finger and thumb... I highly suspect the teachers are mostly guitarists, their manic counting, rather than feeling the groove points to this. Apart from Ozzy, but he's just appeared on the drums... The "songs" you can learn in the first two levels are highly simplified, and on the whole not very well explained (too much verbal instruction on string and fret and rhythm at the same time), unless you can read tab. And I guess this is it. All the lessons are aimed for you to learn to read tab. They have tried to introduce rhythm notation, but it's still missing on the later tab. For bass, this is a major let down. Have it in the notation, rather than the silly and manical trying to count along commentary... just saying.
  10. Covers guitar, bass and ukulele. I'm going to give it a go... https://play-support.fender.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041201531-3-Months-of-Free-Lessons-Offer-FAQs
  11. And I forgot to post my scores, didn't I? D'oh... The problem is that I am still working (from home) pretty much full time, so just don't have the time I thought I would have...
  12. Yeah... not done anything much on the drop tuning songs this week, so... Lockdown video... https://drive.google.com/file/d/14D--qGv9ERuwi2IM4WCmnZwFobQ1zplS/view?usp=sharing Lockdown haircut, lockdown duct tape on glasses, lockdown dressing gown. Just need lockdown towel, and I've gone full Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy... Edit: Oh, yeah and made up fills... and slightly out of time Fsharps...
  13. God! Nobody likes me this week... all drop tunings and only one lockdown bass to play them on. I hope Amazon are still delivering strings? lol
  14. I do know it, honest! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HEoIwRJyiZQG-Mk3q9Q-7ySnh5nOM1Sv/view?usp=sharing Just need to put the runs where the chart wants me to put them, now. Oh, and the same runs would probably help... Also, some of those F# are way off, timing wise on the chart.
  15. Half way there: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EvFUeVa0oufTMXUn0TpS3W5_7KkhTWo1/view?usp=sharing Should have it learnt tomorrow. :)
  16. How do? I'm glad to see this is still going. Hope you are all well? Anyway, my scores on the doors... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qqnofB7Y5KwJFx6GzeMkMa5HsyLFcngS/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T-4W6RvSLOkTH5usq4o-NSApj4szR7OO/view?usp=sharing Ooops! (Played this one first as my lockdown bass was already tuned to D Standard) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AC8B9MZE1dur9VvICyzd-NIlKrsxJyjV/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FsJTYFJcWknwJbpRrpvzji8kMGLVEvul/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iSa7ESA1rYPkTrydmSXPHwo-7cTxC2ia/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/19S8RBGFbFdTT3eu8qaabN9G5G-5TIwQ6/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/13yhumqqpErKhriY9uxGBaBgBuDkbKWrv/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/10AWB_Od_Z4m5ztsIbHvk-_bK59kq-dI9/view?usp=sharing These are all first goes, followed by SA score. I'm still playing through a shitty generic USB cable, so chasing scores is probably not on, since I get a few random misses. What I may do, since I no longer have a band or band practice to learn songs for, is pick one song every week, and learn it... Master Mode scores incoming? Anyway, it's good to be back, although it is a bit strange to be frantically trying to hit every coloured note, rather than just winging it and trying to look as if I know what I'm doing!
  17. Ahem... I've just bought a music stand - sick of reading my notes off the floor. Of course, I won't use it live, I hope I'll have the stuff memorised by then. It also helps to have a rhythm guitarist who is happy to shout chords at you... then the problems only really come when I can't remember the rhythm... :blush:
  18. Don't sell yourself short. You had the guts to step into a studio and record - there are a hell of a lot of people here that don't have that. I don't want to put anyone off, but it was nearly, possibly, the most stressful day of my life (and I'm nearly 50...) Still, I don't regret it - I just want to do it again, but better! :lol:
  19. Thank you for your lovely comments. :) Strange you should mention Golden Earring and Fortunate Son - in my old covers band we used to play Radar Love and Fortunate Son... so I know you have great taste! lol Love your tone on Saint of Me, and I like the variations on Fortunate Son - I can hear the bass straight through laptop speakers, but will revisit with headphones!
  20. Now, I thought you were, or had been, in a band? This very thing was one of my inspirations for joining a covers band a year ago?
  21. I'm not on Reddit - but will look into it. :) I'm playing bass, just bass. They are fairly simple bass lines. They have to be - at the moment, I have to memorise them! lol
  22. Ok, so this post is slightly Rocksmith related - hope I've put it in the right place! Some of you may know that I have basically (no pun intended) learnt to play bass, pretty much using Rocksmith alone. I think I started January 2014, and with a lot of help from the Championship on here, and some excellent Charters, who keep this place going, made massive improvements. Well, about a year ago, I joined a covers band. It was a good learning experience, and with a few one to one music lessons, it managed to wean me away from Rocksmith, at least a little. Anyway, last December I was kind of headhunted by a "proper" band. After umming and ahing over Christmas (was I good enough?), I joined them in January. We were in the studio (!!!) in February recording four original songs, three of which my band leader is happy for me to publicise. https://www.facebook.com/286776021986582/videos/560453104472561/ https://www.facebook.com/286776021986582/videos/2330246770343011/ https://www.facebook.com/286776021986582/videos/2020774164895351/ (turn sound on!) So can Rocksmith teach you to play? Perhaps. ;) Keep on rocking, guys! *Disclaimer - they're not my lyrics, I just play the bass! :lol:
  23. Just popped by to say happy Christmas, everyone! I know I haven't been around here much of late, what with band pressures - so rock 'n' roll... but haven't forgotten the inspiration and encouragement that Customs Forge and specifically the Championship gave me. Rock on! Oh, and thank you for the little gift @@Rodman, have a great holiday. :)
  24. Just reporting back that my Toolkit is working fine - I've not had to update anything. Seriously considering going for Sierra, whilst I'm all backed up...
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