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  1. What's the best place to host images for CDLC links? I've tried loads but nothing seems to work on the submit CDLC page
  2. The link isn't giving me the discount code. Can anybody post an updated link? Thanks
  3. I've got the license for 2.93. Tried 4 but prefer the older version
  4. I don't supose anyone has this version they could upload for me, I've reformatted my pc and the version i've got is corrupted and won't install
  5. Happy Birthday slayerad2000!

  6. Happy Birthday slayerad2000!

  7. I'm getting sick of Youtube removing Rocksmith videos of mine while letting other peoples video stay on. Are there any better alternatives that aren't as anal about copyright like Youtube is?
  8. I have days where i play like i've never picked up a guitar in my life
  9. Awesome job. I don't suppose you could make a W.A.S.P. inlay?
  10. Well i've just had my Def Leppard Animal playthrough video banned worldwide for breach of copyright. Don't seem to see any other Rocksmith video of it banned. getting really sick of YouTube as it's not like i'm making any profit for posting videos
  11. For me i found that trying songs that i know from listening to them and slowing them down in riff repeater until i got it 100% worked well but try not to pick really tough songs until you understand finger placement as it can be discouraging if things get too tough. Congrats on starting the path but you never stop learning.
  12. Is there any way to put the capo on for part of a track then remove it for the rest of the track? Obviously on the same guitar part (rythym)
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