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  1. That looks so weird lol, but should be easy enough to work around in eof, just put the BPM change on the marker after it and drag that one note before to the correct spot?
  2. Maybe he's trying out the RSToTab, I'm not sure, I think that asks for the instal dir if you use the UI. Anyhow, you can just drag .psarc files onto the .exe, and it will run them through a command window, much easier that way.
  3. From what I can understand from the OG post, he could use this? http://www.rocksmithtotab.de/
  4. Happy Birthday PyroBillie!

  5. Happy Birthday PyroBillie!

  6. I must confirm raynebc, the copy/paste function works perfect, you just have to use EoF the right way, are you adjusting the beatmap to make the notes fit the song/sync, or are you moving the notes one by one?
  7. Happy Birthday PyroBillie!

  8. Happy Birthday PyroBillie!

  9. Allright thanks ^^ You have any experience with Synthesia? Cause that program doesn't show which track is which, it all just shows 'acoustic grand piano'. With further investigation, I've found that it's better to go from EoF to Tab to MIDI, this way all the tracks get reasonable instrument names :p
  10. Quick question: The EoF project folder, outputs 3 .mid files: notes, notes_gh3, notes_ghwt What do these contain and what is the difference? Does for example the notes.mid contain all the notes from part_real_guitar_rs2? Or all instruments in one? I've found out it contains all instruments, sometimes it even shows more instruments than I have in EoF. How does this happen? Also all the instrument tracks are shown the same in Synthesia, how do I know which track in synthesia is which in EoF? Thanks in advance
  11. Hey I did it but I ran into another problem :P . Can you tell me How I can add a tone to parts of the song? The first part is acoustic and the rest is with distortion. Can I do something like 00:00 till 1:07 with acoustic and 01:08 - 2:10 with distortion. And do I have to do this on EOF before creating WEM file on WWISE or can I edit it on Rocksmith toolkit? You add tone changes in EoF, it is explained here: http://customsforge.com/topic/9316-making-customs-with-auto-changing-tones/
  12. I use the Part_real_bass_22 track as a temporary clipboard, import it there, then copy and paste it into the track you want. Or what I've been doing lately, if you have Tux guitar then you can easily copy measures and paste them into another arrangment. (I use this when I melt multiple instruments into a guitar track :p (keyboard, piano, vocals, trumpets,....))
  13. >.> well, that's what I was looking for :p Here take this...
  14. You normally don't have to resnap just because you copied and pasted notes. If the notes were grid snapped when you copied them, they will automatically grid-snap appropriately during paste. The best option is to enable "Song>Highlight non grid snapped notes" so you can easily tell when notes are not grid snapped. The next hotfix will even have a new function that intelligently moves out of grid snap notes to the nearest grid snap of any built-in size (ie. any of them from 1/4 to 1/96) regardless of which grid snap size is currently active, and lets you specify how many milliseconds the fun
  15. You can use 1/12, 1/24, 1/48, 1/96 to achieve grid snap intervals equal to 1/3 beat, 1/3 half-beat, 1/3 quarter beat and 1/3 eighth beat. I can add this.3) About the triplets, I think I get what Xaphist means. When you make most songs, you just put 1/16 or 1/32, but sometimes the song uses 1/12 (triplets I believe) just for one measure (or one place in a certain riff). This is really annoying, because most of the time when I have to copy/paste or make the tab from text tabs, I Ctrl+A to select all and then Resnap them to a 1/16 grid snap when I'm done, to ensure everything is snapped, but th
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