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  1. Hey guys, with the new updated forums, I might as well share my tutorials here: They're not intented for beginners I think, but more of a showcase of different ways to chart apart from importing from a .GP File This playlist contains all of them: Pyro's Tutorial Playlist You'll see that the first one is 1 video about 1 song, made from chordify. Then there's 2 videos about 1 song made from a text tab. And then there's 3 videos about 1 song made from chordify. If you have question about them, let me know there or send me a message here ^^ I sometimes also stream the charting of songs or help others out. For that you can follow me here: https://www.twitch.tv/pyrobillie Greetings Pyro
  2. That looks so weird lol, but should be easy enough to work around in eof, just put the BPM change on the marker after it and drag that one note before to the correct spot?
  3. Hey guys, so quick question, can the repair tool be used for streamers that download songs to/from their live drive? I haven't looked up any streamer mods, so I'm just trying to guess or give ideas atm.
  4. Maybe he's trying out the RSToTab, I'm not sure, I think that asks for the instal dir if you use the UI. Anyhow, you can just drag .psarc files onto the .exe, and it will run them through a command window, much easier that way.
  5. From what I can understand from the OG post, he could use this? http://www.rocksmithtotab.de/
  6. I currently do this in Tux guitar before I import to EoF, Tuxguitar has a copy measure and paste function, its a bit weird, but it gives you more overview structure than EoF does. Btw if EoF is available for updates/feedback, gives us the option to display multiple paths underneath eachother so we can see lead/rythm/bass/vocals at the same time and easily copy from one to another, also whats up with the weird resolutions and zoom options.
  7. Sorry, but I was reading a few pages back, and you guys were talking about Synthesia, I wanna let you know I've been exporting RS customs to GP with RStoTab exporter, then exporting the GP to MIDI in Tuxguitar, and then letting the MIDI play in Synthesia. I then record it and put in on youtube, so now you have full guitar tabs on piano :p (if anyone is intrested in that) Currently I have 230-ish Synthesia vids, and I think I've run out of prerecorded vids. (Don't have synthesia installed anymore) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiryHEqHQZQ3ygvwlvLuKqMPOhL8_xMOZ
  8. Couple of remarks: - Sometimes I make my own bass tabs, from simplying the guitar tab, this isn't 100% correct, some bassist might hate it, but it's that or no bass When you do that, the notes might seem jumpy, as they come from guitar chords - Basically 2 play styles: Vertical (scales) or Horizontal (on one string), the vertical playstyle makes it so you keep your hand in one position, the horizontal makes it so you don't have to string skip, but have pro's and con's - Vertical playstyle, when in first position lets you use open strings, which don't require an actual finger so that's easier, con it doesnt give you that much control over muting/bending/sliding - Horizontal playstyle, you can slide into the next note, so they blend into eachother
  9. Wow, I didn't knew this was possible, I don't see a direct usage of this yet, maybe if you could 2 fonts in the same song, the fonts/colors can be used to indicate singer 1 and singer 2 (I know quite some bands that have 2 vocalists) Or it could be used to indicate clean vs screaming But what you really need for the 2 vocalists problem, is 2 seperate vocal files shown, cause alot of the time they overlap, and sing 2 different parts over eachother, I could give you examples if you need XD
  10. Lately I've made quite some songs with a Bonus guitar arrangement, I really like adding as much tracks as possible in a CDLC... When I upload the CDLC, I do can only check 4 arrangements (L, R, B, V) :( The only way I can tell people that there is an extra is in the description... Would it be possible to add an extra checkbox that had Bonus arrangement, or maybe Alternative arrangment (A symbol)? Seeing as the official Rocksmith also have quite some Alternative arrangement added lately. Maybe even in a further checklist, you could say what the bonus is. It could be just a third guitar (lately had alot of these songs) or could be the vocals tabbed on guitar, or a keyboard or violin or trumpet
  11. So yeah as thought, this solved the issue, still weird that it was fine last week and now suddenly it wasn't. Also can I just point out that the topic " http://customsforge.com/index.php/topic/989-custom-song-toolkit-v2600-was-released/ " isn't the most user-friendly, the title is just misleading wrong and the topic bb-code things are not working :) Thx for looking into it tho
  12. Was there any update that changed the extension of the tone files? I always used the tone2014.xml files, that i could add>load in the toolkit, but when opend toolkit today and wanted to add>load tones, I first didnt see my tones, I checked the searchbar and it is now looking for tone.xml? Did the extension officialy changed and did the toolkit have to update? idk? I tried changing the searchbar to all .xml and then selected my old tone files, but that load is not succesfull then I tried changing the extension of my files, and load them, also did not work... Note: I havent updated Toolkit in a long time, my version is v2.8.2.0-bbaf3820beta
  13. Woah, that seems like alot of steps for something really easy, i just drag the first beatmarker to the first note in the song, put in the right BPM (either from gp file or from EoF estimate) then skip trough the song really fast correcting every 2-4th measure marker to the beat (which in most songs are really really obvious spikes) (Also when importing from .gp files, I first correct beatmap, then hit import and say 'No' to importing time stuff op GP) This week I coindently recorded another making of video of the EoF charting, I only started recording after the beatmap syncing (cause I forgot to hit record) In the first second of this 'making of' you can see me correcting the last measures of the beatmap, and you can also see some beat anchors in the beginning (Sorry for the bad audio quality in vid)
  14. I must confirm raynebc, the copy/paste function works perfect, you just have to use EoF the right way, are you adjusting the beatmap to make the notes fit the song/sync, or are you moving the notes one by one?
  15. I got this custom already, the editor isn't as good as EoF imo, but I got the hang of it pretty quick, although it keep being hard to estimate how hard it is, as I have no VR myself so I can't test it, so I gotta work with tester and let them give feedback :)
  16. Ooh yeah I'm doing this: https://imgur.com/a/Zh6gnr7 EDIT: I found out that there are 2 editors, a 3D and a 2D one, I'm using the 2D one currently
  17. So guys have you seen this game already? It's out for quite a while now, I don't own it but it looks pretty cool. A) What is your guys opinion about it? So I checked out a few videos about how to create customs songs for it, and it's seemed that they had a pretty extensive 3D charting software thing. Although they hassle alot with the beatmap, BPM and making the grid (in my opinion :P) Who knows they might be helped alot by the features in EOF?
  18. https://imgur.com/a/T4BsJ I use things like this, to go from note/score to EoF directly, some might find GP or Tux easier to write, but I got used to EoF first, so placing notes in GP/Tux is really frustrating to me :P
  19. My first reaction was, ''Is the crowd dead? or are it decoys?'', then I noticed they're sitting in chairs...
  20. I have made some of JA his songs, but none of Canadian Sofball yet, the only CS tabs I find on Ultimate guitar are only chords and that is not enought to make a CDLC from.
  21. Well I don't know which songs you specifically mean, but I can say sometimes the bass goes (example) from fret 1 to 8 just so you can stay on 1 string and slide to the next fret, even if the tab doesn't show a slide this is often done Another reason could be that playing on 1 string gives you more control over vibratring string, if (sometimes) you'd play on different strings one string might still be making noise after you switched strings, which should have been muted. (it's mostly just personal preferences, even if you want to say ''this is an original tab, that's how the writer wrote the song'' I mean is there really only 1 way to express art? :p )
  22. This video is from week 2: I won't post the next weeks videos, as I feel like I'm flooding this topic then :p Subscribe if you want to get notifications of the others :D
  23. If you imported the RS1 songs: Angela Boys don't cry I can't hear you Next girl Song2 Where is my mind (these are the songs I learned when I started out)
  24. So to all the people that suggested to include real life drumming into the next Rocksmith phase. We can already have this pretty good representation by making a splitscreen of Rocksmith and Rockband. Rockband offers very (or fully?) acurate drum tabs, so drummers could follow that to play on their electronic kit or real drumkit. I've made a couple of videos with these kind of splitscreens, and I'll be releasing these one per week for the next 7 weeks. If this idea gets somewhat good feedback, then I'll probably make more. (I started with the 7 most popular Rockband songs, so here you go)
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