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  1. UVERworld - Touch off A full length version of Sweet ARMS - Trust in you King Missile - Detachable Penis
  2. Why in the hell is the BPM not changing when i import it?
  3. Ok, something isn't working right, because the notes aren't in sync.
  4. It says i need Rocksmith 2014, which i don't have. Why do i need the game when i don't plan on using the software for Rocksmith?
  5. Failure: check log for details What the fuck?!
  6. I need this shit gone, so i can convert these Rocksmith charts to Pro Guitar for Rock Band 3.
  7. I'm new to EOF, and I only want to use it to convert Rocksmith files to Pro Guitar for Rock Band 3. But none of the import options have .psarc as a file choice. wat do?
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