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  1. PyroBillie's post in Flooding was marked as the answer   
    You can sort on date added instead of modified.
    (in my experience), I don't download unfinished versions, so I don't need to see modifications)
  2. PyroBillie's post in Packing Error With rstoolkit- was marked as the answer   
    Allriiight, tried it with some other cover art and that worked
    The image file is in the folder with all the other files: the .xml .ogg
    and the image file is a .jpg of 925x925 and 274kb size, that should all be okay?
    I'm gonna try re-downloading the right cover art but from another source and try that
    EDIT: it works :D
    Thank you guys, you are all awesome <3
  3. PyroBillie's post in Lyrics go missing halfway song was marked as the answer   
    Good point! 
    So I updated, then immediatly tried resaving the lyrics, that didn't help at all, the XML had still equally missing.
    Then tried re-importing the lyrics,moving, resaving, that did help, the XML now has a good 95% of the lyrics.
    (note: I haven't fixed the ^ to ' signs yet)
    This zip contains everything I used in the projext, txt file, xml, mp3,...
    Allright, so updated EoF, re-imported, moved everthing in place, (this part fixed 50% of the lyrics)
    fixed signs, and then ctrl+m the last 2 sentences (those last parts were missing)
    now the XML contains all lyrics :)
    so my guess is: there wasnt any blue bars for the last 3 seconds of lyrics (moved them all back) 
    that caused them to not export, the other blue bars don't really matter to me, cause it works in RS?
  4. PyroBillie's post in Part Real Bass 22 tuning was marked as the answer   
    Sorry to bump this thread, but I just wanted to say that I used search 'Bonus Lead' to find a solution for this tuning problem, only to find out, I already asked this question one year ago... -Cmon brain start remembering stuff-
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