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  1. Happy Birthday Goofiestbee!

  2. Happy Birthday Goofiestbee!

  3. Happy Birthday Goofiestbee!

  4. Hello there i've created quite a few CDLC songs (Mostly Four Year Strong and a few others) none of which have sections which makes the camera all wonky since the Remasted update. I no longer have the files needed to continue working on these and I would love it if someone would take the reigns and perhaps fix the issues. If you decide to do so I will upload them and give you complete credit for the work. Just thought I would throw it out there because at this point after losing all my work I don't think I will continue making CDLC for a while. Any questions just drop it here or send me a PM. Thanks! -Goofiestbee
  5. My songs arent separated. They are all directly in the DLC folder. But i will look through that thread EDIT: Still nothing, same errors.
  6. Manually created the CFM folder in Documents, then ran the program in Administrator mode. Starts to instantly Parse DLC folder still (Raw count 1304). While it was parsing I opened my CFM folder and it indeed spit a Debug file & a Settings file. After the "Parse" finishes, the application force closes still then it deletes the CFM folder i made manually with those files. :/
  7. Looked through that thread. It seems nothing has changed after trying to run the "Setup.exe" in Administrator mode, still crashing without any reason why after trying to parse. Still can't re-create the CFM folder as well.
  8. I would glady if i was able. It seems as if its having trouble generating a new CFM folder now in Documents. It does what i stated above, though says "CFM Folder Deleted" in one of those pop up window notifications. Hope to get this working though. Ive been forced to use the old manager a user created a while back which counts my folder correctly etc. Not sure why im having so many problems with the official manager /: is it something to do with Windows 10? Thanks
  9. Sorry I'll try it now & report back. EDIT: when opening the app it instructed me to update it so I did so. Now when I open it it doesnt ask what directory the dlc folder is in and starts to parse the folder. After it "Finishes" the program just closes with no indication on what happened.
  10. Yes that is where all my DLC is located. I have not canceled any scans to my knowledge but I will try deleting that folder & restarting the app. EDIT: Yep still getting the same error. I'll try to scan for a bad CDLC using that program. EDIT 2: Ran the CGT and it found "Eric Claptoon Cocaine" to be corrupt, so thats deleted. didn't say anything about anything else. Re-opened the Song Manager and still getting the error message
  11. I have 1364 songs in my DLC folder...nowhere to close to 7000 haha. This includes official and CDLC. Its odd because after installing it worked the first time I opened it (saw the songs on the grid etc.) but after that first one it spits those two errors. Heres those files you wanted: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B54Di8ApWLfzT2xocy1aVGRVYTg/view?usp=sharing
  12. Here you go! I get one of these 2 errors everytime I start it up now. It either gives me one or the other. http://imgur.com/a/sQ2Z4
  13. Not sure what else you did but the latest release seems to have fixed the problem. Didn't have to do anything else except update it & now it's showing songs. thanks! EDIT: Nevermind. seems after closing it and re-opening it, it doesnt work anymore. Same error..sigh ><
  14. After removing all CDLC and leaving only Official ones, it's counting the songs when I scan but it isn't showing anything on the grid at all. Not sure why its doing this. Thanks for the response
  15. Hi there, downloaded the app and upon opening it this is what i am getting: [3/9/2015 20:29:07]: Application loaded, using version:[3/9/2015 20:29:07]: CFSongManager Version:[3/9/2015 20:29:07]: RocksmithToolkitLib Version:[3/9/2015 20:29:07]: Loaded settings file ...[3/9/2015 20:29:07]: Populating SongManager GUI ...[3/9/2015 20:29:07]: Error: Exception of type 'System.Exception' was thrown. Tried restarting the app a few times etc, and have got this error as well: [3/9/2015 20:39:31]: Application loaded, using version:[3/9/2015 20:39:31]: CFSongManager Version:[3/9/2015 20:39:31]: RocksmithToolkitLib Version:[3/9/2015 20:39:31]: Loaded settings file ...[3/9/2015 20:39:31]: Populating SongManager GUI ...[3/9/2015 20:39:31]: Error: There is an error in XML document (18222, 30). Running on windows 10. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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