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  1. Happy Birthday JayEm!

  2. Happy Birthday JayEm!

  3. Happy Birthday JayEm!

  4. I've been gone for a looong time, but I can vouch for this custom, at least on lead, its perfect All That Remains - Not Alone
  5. Not just with customs though. There are volume issues in the game itself. Cant fix it myself though, it just happens at random.
  6. Dunlop Ultex Jazz III 2.0. Best pick I ever used. I also have lots of Dunlop Max Grip Jazz III on stock, love those too. I HATE light picks, I find them extremely unresponsive, the delay from when I move my wrist to when the pick finally produces sound is insane.
  7. Sorry guys I havent been able to test due to a good old broken string problem. Ive got plenty of cdlc waiting to be tested so Ill post a lot of stuff on this weekend. Awesome. I love those songs, back when 30 seconds to mars sounded cool. Gonna try them out as soon as I can.
  8. I was gonna download some dethklok cdlc back at SA when everything happened... I dont know if the cdlc will get posted here so if anyone has it Id love it if that content can be shared. Thanks in advance
  9. The spreadsheet idea is very good, in time we could have a very nice database showing which customs are good. I love playing and downloading customs, so for me I only have to continue doing the things I do, just report them here. Everytime I find a song that stays in my collection I'll just let you guys know. When a custom does not cut it Ill just give the contributor some feedback and hope for the best.
  10. My high E string snapped... Im so busy I dont think Ill have time to buy a replacement, such a shame Sweet Child is so fun to play.
  11. Yeah man it is a great song if you wanna get yor alternate picking skills a massive upgrade. I guess picks are a matter of taste, I cant play fast things with light picks, the delay I get from the moment I move my hand to the moment the pick has finally slided off the string and played the note is too big for me. I use a 2.0 pick lol. Hard picks only for me!
  12. Verified: Buckethead - Whitewash (lead only)
  13. I love all this, and Damage, what I would suggest is having two kinds of submissions, "open" submissions for people that want their custom being worked on, and "normal" ones, for stablished contributors that pump out good dlc constantly. I dont really know how to set up a platform for all this to work though...
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