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  1. Happy Birthday Kaijin!

  2. Happy Birthday Kaijin!

  3. Happy Birthday Kaijin!

  4. Happy Birthday Kaijin!

  5. Happy Birthday Kaijin!

  6. I had the exact same problem with my last custom. Have you tried to toggle the status "Crazy" on the chord after the 1st or 2nd? In my case, the chords are much closer to each other, I tried everything I could think of (even editing the .xml file manually) and the result in game is always the same. If I toggle "Crazy" the chords after the 1st, the highlight on the note highway disappears, but every chord shows the chord box, instead of just this |__| on the note highway. It would be nice to know if there's a way to author the chords in EoF, so that the sustains in game match what is charted in
  7. Play Guitar and Bass

  8. Play Guitar and now Bass

  9. Play guitar and now BASS too :D

  10. Playing and playing and playing :D

  11. I love the dark theme, thanks a lot :D
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