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  1. I do have some experience with adobe premiere pro, I work along my wife in our YT channel NUTRIRIANA, is a medium size channel with 150k subs... feel free to take a look at it. I can't commit to take the full load, but during startup I can provide a helping hand. My english is fludent enough, I lived 3 years in UK
  2. thanks i was trying the ingame browser with no luck, it was supper slow and not loading the "rocksmith store". change to google chrome and it was a no brainer... maybe next time I try a bit harder before asking for help ;)
  3. SO i came back after few months of no playing to find out I want you back is a DLC now, not a big deal, it's a sweet ass song and it is worth to pay for it.. but it doesn't show up in the ingame store... other than this game i have no idea what to use steam or how to buy DLC... please could some one help me? i have the same problem i cant find any package nor songs from 2014 onwards :S
  4. Justgivemethefunk we'll miss you. BTW team members, may i make a request, just recently i got a new job and I have almost no time to play or make charts... could someone please help me with Sexual Healing by Marvin? great song.
  5. frippchen I think you need to delete some old mails, is not allowing me to send you a private message... anyway sorry everyone else for going a bit outside of topic here. I put the EoF files and the GP in a folder in my dropbox (or you can click here). maybe I´m asking a bit too much, but if you find the problem, would you mind taking few screen shots pointing me what you did to fix it? btw, thanks for telling me that the "n" is for note... again, im a newby here... I think i´ll start transforming all my CDLC to make them 5 string friendlier... so far I just make the math in my head but between "n" and the "Precise Select Like" it should be easy... and i will start giving that B the use it deserves :)
  6. Hey Guys, please give this a try, is Jackson 5 Blame it on the boogie. If you can give me feedback on what to fix and HOW-TO do it, that would be great... for example I think there is a lot of slap going on on that A string and I don't know how to change it :S. also I´m having a hard getting the game to display the phases the wright way Any help is welcome! the better I learn how to use EoF the more I can contribute to the customsforge community!
  7. Maybe I'm not patient enough... but I been playing Bass for over a year now, not to mention casual play of my guitars or the ukulele. In rocksmith alone i have 381h of game play... so, don't blame me if at this point i'm loosing faith my skin is going to get any harder. How is it playing with tape in your fingers? Do guitar players get the same problem getting blisters on the righty? most of the time i play guitar i use a pick anyways...
  8. I been playing for a year and half, more or less... all my instruments are second handed except 2 ukuleles... I have 2 guitars and 2 basses (acoustic and electric, the acou bass is and Micro bass). To be honest I feel that right now I have more than what i use, most of the time I´m playing with my Jazz Bass anyway... and I keep the guitar just to play with someone when I get visit or maybe to do the lead if my wife is playing the Ukulele.... My reco, don´t go crazy buying stuff unless you are a pro. If you are really good at playing you can have a good time and sound great even with a crappy instrument. If you are planing to make a living out of this, then yes by all means go ahead and get the best you can get...
  9. there is a CDLC for Heroe by Enrique Iglesias :P
  10. Yeah :angry: ... I been playing bass for about 2h... and is just enough that I get over exited with a song that BUM!! there you are, god damn blister attacking again. Now I either play with a pick, that to be honest is not my prefer way of playing... OR I wait at least a day to let it rest... Anyway, I was wondering what you people do with blisters? let me know in the comments... Actually i´m going to try something new... tonight I´ll sleep with my finger stuck in an aloe leaf, and see if that help.
  11. Hey just give me the funk. check out this one: Lock down, by a bunch of people... http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/lock-down-r14932
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