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  1. Happy Birthday rummhamm87!

  2. Happy Birthday rummhamm87!

  3. @@raynebc I'm not sure if anyone has asked this or if it's possible but would you guys be able to add a shortcut key for import gpro files like you can with lyrics with one the F buttons? I would really appreciate that if it's possible.
  4. @@raynebc here's a link to the song in case you wanna check it out https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h2k1o2tecsth05u/AACHOuTwSOB9KitBApjqC_RZa?dl=0 it's right before the chorus with the frethand mutes
  5. Hey so an update. I tested the song again and I think it's just showing it like it's supposed to be played open but it's actually a frethand mute
  6. Yeah I set EAD to 3rd fret and then muted them and it shows it in eof as that but when it comes up in the game it's having you hit open muted notes
  7. I'm not sure if this is on EOF or the toolkits end but when I import frethand mutes into eof from gpro and then load up the song in the game it just has you muting open strings.
  8. I found this on ultimate-guitar.com if you're still looking. All you need to do is scroll down and click on the download guitar pro tab link. I know it's in gpro6 so if you need to converted to gpro5 i can help with that too http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/b/billy_talent/show_me_the_way_guitar_pro_1757746id_07082015date.htm
  9. @ What seems to be the issue exactly? Are you using a tab someone else made or are you adding notes into eof? There's not really a trick, but things you need to know for making customs that will really make things easier on you. I would suggest watching this video http://customsforge.com/topic/8428-new-how-to-create-rocksmith-2014-customs-video/ Really pay attention to what he does around 5:30 after he imports the gpro file. He's moving the beat markers and that is what you will always want to do to move the notes. It's best to always set the 1st beat marker before you move any others. However, if you're using a tab where the timing of the notes are incorrect then you'll have an issue with syncing notes.
  10. I don't know if you're still having an issue with this anymore, but it seems like with a recent steam update about a week ago I no longer have to wait nearly as long for the songs to finish enumerating. I have 1928 songs and although they do continue to populate when I go into learn a song after loading up, the wait time is drastically reduced from before. Maybe I'm wrong but it seems like the enumerating playlist finishes faster when I load up the game and start playing a song. Once I get past the tuning check I have to wait about 5 to 10 seconds for the song to load but after that it's all good. I know Dan talked about this issue being fixed on the xbox one so it seems like they taken this into consideration for everyone who plays.
  11. So a little bit ago on the site theriffrepeater.com I saw a tweet from them referencing a tweet from Paul Cross about him hinting at QOTSA and Marilyn Manson dlc. I saw that about two weeks before the queens of the stone age pack was released. I'm not saying I know a MM pack will be released. This is purely all speculation, but I wanted your thoughts on if there is a pack what songs you guys would want to see. Personally I definitely could see Sweet Dreams and The Beautiful People. Maybe The Nobodies or Coma White. I would like to see Putting Holes in Happiness and then No reflection as well. Anyways, this is just my thoughts. Let me know what you would like to see.
  12. http://customsforge.com/topic/11242-how-to-get-dynamic-difficulty-work-like-official-dlc-by-using-catalog-and-phrases/ This tutorial should give you everything you need to know about making riff repeater sections.
  13. Click import in the toolkit and then once you find the steam folder in your computer open up userdata folder, followed by 174678821, then folder 221680, then the folder remote. When you first open the last folder nothing will show up. You'll need to change the file display type from its default setting which is Rocksmith 2014 PC/Mac Package to the XBox360 package. Just click on the drop down menu and you'll see it. Once You select that there should be 3 files. The one you'll click on has a very long file name. Should be e6a6a303337a405d9421....... etc. Open that file and viola, you'll have you're list of tones that are saved. What I usually do as well is when the tone files are imported, I'll open them in the toolkit with edit and save that tone to a general location so I don't need to import them again.
  14. So I was curious about something. I'm sure the answer is you can't, but is there any site anyone knows of where you can buy a set of one particular gauge? It seems that the high E string goes dead or breaks quicker than any other strings and I have to replace them twice as often which leaves me with a lot more of gauges 11 - 42. So I'm basically just wondering if a site sells a set of just 10 or 9 gauge strings so I don't have a bunch of the other gauges lying around.
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