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  1. everytime I try to browse submitted cdlcs it asks me to login again even though im logged in already. help please!!!
  2. Cheers Sad thing is download speed is so slow here tonight . Gotta wait 2 hours for rs to install :( . So thought I'd ask while waiting
  3. Hi no good with computers . Pc encountered problems . Totally froze! Took it to store where they reinstalled windows. Will I have to download all cdlcs again and toolkit etc ? Sorry if it's a silly question . Please advise simplest way to get me back playing
  4. I've created a tone in game . what folder do I find it in to add it in the tone part of toolkit
  5. Trying this for the first time . When I edit a track in gp5 (copy solo from track 1 and paste into track 3) to make a lead guitar it shows no changes when I import into eof . I'm obviously doing something wrong but as I'm not great with computers I don't know what.
  6. Thanks, in truth I didn't delete the old before downloading the new . I guess I need to delete the ones that now don't work and the old file and then re-download the update?
  7. been playing a few cdlcs for around a year but now I have downloaded the updates for them they wont play in "learn a song" or "non stop play" modes. as someone who knows little about computers can anyone offer simple solutions cheers
  8. I've downloaded updates of songs I've been playing for a year ( The Strokes) and recently downloaded songs (such as The Undertones). Prior to downloading the updates I could play them but once updated I cant launch the song in the game from the learn a song or non stop play mode. As a total idiot , when it comes to computers, can anyone offer a solution cheers
  9. SUPERSTAR!!!!!! thanks loads all sorted and playing
  10. when I say what ive done please remember the two year old comment in case what i'm going to say shows me for the utter novice I am. I watched the video and after dowlnloading the dll file I went to my downloads folder copied the file (right click copy) then pasted into my rocksmith dlc file having followed how I get to that file
  11. hi game freezes after tuning guitar on cdlcs so that all I see is amps, I have audio of the guitar but does not launch into song . at this point I cannot get out of game either . please help and as I am very unsure when using a pc please treat me like a two year old when giving instructions thanks
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