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  1. I Thought I remembered something about a need for a section at the start of chart back when this problem was first identified. I couldn't find it on the message board though. Thanks.
  2. There were three I found that had sections and the camera issue: Yngwie Malmsteen's 'Icarus Dream Suite Op. 4' and Yngwie's 'Forever is a Long Time'. Both were done by Pollo. Also, Van Halen's 'I'm the One'.
  3. Thanks. I thought it had something to do with sections. Is it just the number of sections or their placement? I've seen the problem in songs with several (five at least) sections. Most often it's been in songs with one or no sections. However, there are songs with one or no section with no camera issues.
  4. I'm sure this was addressed back when Remastered came out but how do you fix a CDLC that has the fret hand issue where notes stream down but off to the right or left of the screen? I thought it was an issue with putting sections in the song in EoF but I've seen it in songs that have sections. Could this fix be kept up as a sticky? Thanks.
  5. Yes but it seemed my pc didn't recognize the ogg files as ogg. It thought they were windows media files which didn't play. However, they can be loaded in EoF as ogg audio. Thank you very much. This is the first question I posted on CF that took more than a couple of hours for the community to identify exactly what mistake I'm making. What's taking you guys so long or is my ignorance now on another level? :) Again, thanks for the help. You're still the most helpful online community I've seen.
  6. I want to unpack a song in toolkit, modify the fingering in EoF, and repack it. I've done this before. However, it seems the latest version of Toolkit isn't providing an OGG file to import into EoF. I have the XML files but no audio files I can import into EoF. I'd like the OGG which will have the chart already synchronized as the original CDLC. Any idea on how/where to find the audio file already synched with the original chart in a unpacked CDLC? Thanks.
  7. It's been over a year since the issue of new listings not being highlighted in bold came up. Currently, the 100 some latest listings are bold no matter how often I refresh or open/close the page. Is this issue considered fixed now that Ignition is the official search mechanism? Is anyone else still having issues with bold highlights for new listings?
  8. I want to make sure you got my message. I sent you a link to a resynched version of Rock Lobster. I have to reinstall RockSmith and haven't been able to test the CDLC. Let me know how the volume and synch are. Thanks.
  9. The lyrics are already in the EoF file. I don't think there was a problem with them. The synchronization is the problem. I do the synching by ear. For some reason Rock Lobster (probably the most obvious beat of all my CDLCs) was problematic. I've looked into Go Play Along which allows you to synch a GP file to the waveform of the audio. Let me try doing that in EoF. At first glance, it appears way off.
  10. Hey, Rockfirstlast, someone posted a possible solution to this problem on my 'Let ring' posting. The Crazy Arpeggio section on the Technotes pdf seems to overcome the problem of overlapping notes. I assume that's what you did for the two overlapping bends (using linked notes to connect the first one to a temporary note which can be deleted after the second note is added).
  11. Thanks, Alex and Manchot. I used the Technote pdf initially to attempt the two different bends. I didn't check it for 'let ring'. The 'Crazy Arpeggio' section seems to describe what Manchot recommends and it looks like they're hitting a note during another. I'll give it a try.
  12. YES! I just posted a question about 'Let ring' which your graph just demonstrates. The only difference I have is that both strings are fingered at 9th fret but I can't imagine that being an issue. How'd you do that?
  13. Sorry, if it looks like I'm reposting but questions I posted in earlier threads have morphed into a slightly different issue. Is there a 'Let ring' capability with RS? That is, can you hit one note and subsequently hit shorter notes overlapping with the whole note. I've tried to import GP files with a whole note followed by seven overlapping 1/8 notes but it looks like eight 1/8 notes in EoF. The initial whole note is cut down and stops as soon as the second note starts. (I actually used a series of tied notes for the whole note but it works the same. Without the overlapping 1/8 notes, the series of tied notes occur as a single not with a duration of all the tied ones.) I can see this being difficult to discern in RS if you're playing arpeggios. For something like House of the Rising Sun, RS doesn't seem to count it wrong if you 'let it ring' but other times, you might need that info. This came up during a potential fix for an unrelated problem: two strings hit at the same time and bent by different amounts (one half step and the other a whole step). Technotes only allows me to bend one string but not the other or both by the same amount. One suggested fix, was to have the notes separated by a few milliseconds so EoF will treat them as isolated notes and I can use Technotes to put in the different bends. However, If I do this, the lack of a 'let ring' capability truncates the first note to just the few milliseconds until the second note occurs. Alternatively, a more direct fix for my problem would be for Technotes to allow two different bends. Or, a 'Let ring' option...
  14. I'm not sure if this is possible. The duration of the first note will only be the milliseconds until the second (supposedly concurrent) note) starts. I don't think you can strike a note during the duration of the previous one. EoF just chops it off. I tried manually extending the length of the shortened note using bracket keys but it stops where the next note starts.
  15. Hmmm... Box around the number is black. But when I toggle up/down, it just moves the note to the adjacent string. Does the same thing if I'm in Toggle Crazy or not. So, I can use the brackets to adjust the duration of the note. However, I cannot extend it past the new I inserted. This leaves me with the same problem: The duration of the first note is still milliseconds instead of a full 1/8 note. Can you even have overlapping notes, that is 'let ring', where an initial note continues while a second note occurs? I know I've tried to import GP files that had an open E string whole note followed by a bunch of 1/8 notes overlapping with the low E but the initial E was truncated to an 1/8. I can see where this becomes a visual nightmare for RS especially if you have multiple strings sustaining.
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