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  1. Ty for your answer. Now i will tell you the problem but i think you will get an allergic reaction and break out i sarcasm lol. I did intall a new c disk when i was installing win 10. I installed RC from steam on my new C drive, but i hade RC on my D disk to. So when i install new cdlc install them to the one on the d drive, because that was what i was used to. But start RC from the C disk lol :P
  2. Hello I install win 10 from scratche and i have the dll file i see the win comand promt window, its works with all the cdlcs i hade from before no problems. But when i try to add new ones it never works, i wont show up i RS 2014. I change id to songs i paid for but it wont help. Ty
  3. Hi i am trying to make a cdlc and at the begining it is talking before the song start (its live) And i add the guitar pro file after i add the song. Then it start to get tabs where they are talking. So i pull the the tabs to where the song start and its starts right with the playing but after a will it start to get more and more out off sync. Any one know what is the problem?
  4. Hello I am trying to learn to make cdlc but in eof guitar pro import is gray can not click it. Anyone know why?
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