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  1. A series of in depth how to videos would be extremely helpful. I keep meaning to sit down and chart some stuff. Also if you do create a series of videos please sticky them somewhere very very obvious.
  2. bumping this topic as this is feature i could really do with, for practice purposes.
  3. Has anyone got a link for Sheryl Crow's "What I can do for you" lead tabs? Figured i'd like to have a go at learning this one, but i'm drawing a blank on my google-fu.
  4. Definitely ,if you haven't got a 3 or more, i'd making the investment (which personally i already have done). I suspect the chances of getting a patch to accept a non-RS usb input cable is near absolute zero.
  5. Well, I'm excited by this news, it not like RS2014 will just magically disappear off everyone's consoles/computers overnight when the new version arrives. Hopefully a new version (I'n time for the new consoles, possibly?) will fix the lag, add to the pedal effects uses (software amp simulation has come a long way in the last decade), sort out the single coil low volume issues, etc and add the extra features which people have requested for years now. This is a good thing. & bear in mind, whilst Ubisoft haven't been pro-modding, they certainly haven't been anti modding either, they could very easily have patched out the mod compatibility years ago, if they had wanted to. Not mention, if it means i don't have to stare at the ernie ball poster everyday, i'm all in.
  6. Can Anyone link me to full set of lead/rhythm tabs for Starcrawler's "No more pennies"
  7. Putting a request in for some lead & rhythm from 'Ida Maria' particularly anything off 'Fortress Round My Heart' album, I am actually very surprised to find these songs missing from the CForge.
  8. With Gibson's new CEO this would be a good time to approach Gibson / Epiphone and put RS forward as rival to the Fender play (which frankly Fender dropped the ball with this one). Not mention to PC amp sims have come a long way over the last few years, there's room for a lot of improvements. Hopefully as mentioned above this is going to lead to a new title for the next generation of consoles. Re naming issues, they can just put this out as RS2014 remastered 2021 edition.
  9. Is there a reason no one got around to converting this one!?!
  10. A new Rocksmith will likely arrive, just look at the money yousician is pulling in, and i wouldn't say no to a looper function, drum samples, session mode tweaked. more tutorials, e.g sweep picking, slide, an explanation on modes, etc. A few tweaks to the note recognition, more venues and customisation. A few more arcade games. The amp and pedals, could again, do with an overhaul. Support for generic guitar cables. a recording suite. Master mode tweaked to aid learning a bit more. have i mentioned clear indication on rhythm patterns before.... the list goes on. But i'll be keeping Rocksmith and RS2014 either way, purely as back up, for when exe files get deleted again via patches...in the RS2020
  11. yep same, steam, forums are starting to complain
  12. 74-75, why do you only call me when your high & Jeremy, are current goto warm ups life in the fast lane - was actually created from a warm up exercise also I really recommend string skip saloon & ducks shooting game, without looking at the fret board (which does help in locking in where everything is with it out having to look/think, for the sake of 5mins a day to get rid of location hesitation is invaluable).
  13. Hi, if you want any lead or rhythm PC CDLC testing just pm me links I'm on everyday, so feed back will prompt'ish.
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