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  1. Definitely ,if you haven't got a 3 or more, i'd making the investment (which personally i already have done). I suspect the chances of getting a patch to accept a non-RS usb input cable is near absolute zero.
  2. Well, I'm excited by this news, it not like RS2014 will just magically disappear off everyone's consoles/computers overnight when the new version arrives. Hopefully a new version (I'n time for the new consoles, possibly?) will fix the lag, add to the pedal effects uses (software amp simulation has come a long way in the last decade), sort out the single coil low volume issues, etc and add the extra features which people have requested for years now. This is a good thing. & bear in mind, whilst Ubisoft haven't been pro-modding, they certainly haven't been anti modding either, they could
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