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  1. Thanks so much for all the Zeppelin! 

  2. Also, the displaying of music videos and playthrough videos seems to be broken in ignition 4.5 or whatever update was just released.
  3. My CDLC of "Cry Baby" by the California Honeydrops might be something you are looking for - and it's quite beginner friendly.
  4. You will still need to define where the slide begins. It must be a slide up from somewhere, so you will need to add an additional note in Editor on Fire and determine what fret it should be (in other words, this note will be the starting point of the slide "up" to the desired note). Place this note on the note highway where the slide actually begins. Then, use CTRL+UP to make the new note a slide up to the fret you want, in addition to SHIFT+N to add the linknext status. Unpitched slides are for when it's not so important where/what fret the slide actually ends (CTRL+U toggles it on a selected note). If you want to remove the unpitched status from a note, just use CTRL+U and leave the ending fret empty. Pay attention to the length of the note tail for these slides especially, as it determines how fast the slide will appear to the player. In Rocksmith, these slides have note tails that appear to fade away and do not have a clear ending point. Pitched slides are generally more common, and you will need to set the end fret for these slides if you are authoring them manually. CTRL+UP or CTRL+DOWN toggles an unpitched slide on and off for that direction.
  5. I am not aware of a way to copy/paste only the fret hand positions. The easiest way to manually add them to your bass path might be to use the second piano roll (song>second piano roll>display), then put the guitar arrangement on this extra piano roll. Now you can easily see the FHP for both, and edit the bass chart accordingly. If the bass part is fairly simple, there's a good chance that automatically generating the FHP will be good enough for you. This will not overwrite the FHP that you manually added for the guitar part - just make sure the bass part is selected before the FHP are generated. Hopefully that helps. Good luck!
  6. At least he was already able to get things working using his external sound card, so it doesn't seem like there would be a need to go that far. This doesn't really strike me as an audio driver issue, although windows does treat the RealTone cable as a "microphone." It would appear that all other USB and microphone devices are working fine for him. Am I missing something? Why would deleting all audio drivers be the logical next step?
  7. I'm fairly certain that there is no workaround for this. I've always just used the author's notes to make mention of the large bends, and no one has ever piped up to say that they are possible. It seems reasonable to me that Ubisoft may have placed this limitation intentionally due to poor note recognition on those large bends.
  8. Sorry you feel this way, as it's not what I was going for. I noticed that you had just joined a few days ago, and had only a few posts.
  9. If you think a few clicks and some waiting is too tedious, you should try becoming a charter Charters have donated their time and talents to bring you all the CDLC on ignition, so be sure make them aware when you really enjoy a particular song/chart. You can always leave a thanks or a comment while it's downloading.
  10. Yup, those symptoms are very similar to mine. For what it's worth, I continued to experience error 10 related issues on two different powered USB hubs, in addition to a PCI-E expansion card. Thankfully, I already had these things on hand in my bottomless parts bin.... So, my wholly unqualified, strictly anecdotal advice would be to shy away from pursuing another USB hub until you're fresh out of other options. Is it possible that the adapter you tried may not meet some necessary technical/electrical requirement? I'm honestly not sure what the differences are, but I used this one (2 pack for $9) and it's always performed flawlessly directly in my USB-C port. Also, if you haven't already done so, you'll want to make sure that your USB related drivers (like Host Controllers) are correct and up to date. If things with Ubi don't work out, you can also try using a little tool called USBDeview which just facilitates the easy uninstalling of previously connected USB devices. It didn't resolve my issues, but once you've used it to "forget" the RS cable, Windows will again treat the cable as a new device and force the driver installation/setup.
  11. Is the Rocksmith cable showing up properly in Device Manager? Never? Sometimes? Only for an instant, then gone? Also, have you tried testing the cable while all other non-essential USB devices are unplugged? In my case, I'm nearly certain that the RS cable wasn't happy with the amount of power that it was receiving from almost any USB-A port. This is a PC that I built, while the cable continued to work on my older laptop....
  12. For what it's worth, after having similar issues, I've had the most success plugging into a USB-C port (RS cable + USB to USB-C adapter).
  13. Worked for me just now. Hopefully it's sorted for everyone.
  14. Thx for Your comment on my Joe Walsh upload. Would like Your help on getting my songs to the next level. See my answer on the song page. Couldn't send You a message.

    But as I see that You are having to deal with people that don't appreciate the work that goes into our uploads (even though Your CDLC might be far more evolved than mine), I really would like to exchange on that topic with You, too.

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