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  1. Thank you for your advice, and I tried to explain it with words but it seems people don't understand it,so it's a bit easier to explain with a video. We can understand you fairly well. You're just not giving us the necessary information in order for us to help you. What I meant is that a video isn't the most efficient and effective way for us to help. Filedropper was actually much faster this time, but the video alone didn't help me understand what the problem was. Was your problem regarding handshapes, or note sustains? And at specifically what time in your project? If you've made changes
  2. You may not be aware, but it takes about 15-20 minutes to download a video like this from filedropper. Sending a link to your most up to date project file and telling us that the "problem" occurs at "x minutes and x seconds" into the EoF project will always be far more helpful than posting a video on filedropper. If you absolutely have to send a video, it would be best if you used something like Google Drive, which allows us to stream the video rather than having to download it in full from a slow file host.
  3. The error messages tell you exactly what the problem is. For the first picture, just remove the arpeggio - it shouldn't be there anyway since those are chords, not an arpeggio. Everything in the second picture should be fine. EoF is just warning you that is you create DD with the DDC tool (in the Toolkit) that either the note sustain or applied techniques may not display properly because there is a section boundary there. It still looks like you're having trouble syncing the song properly, based on the way the notes are aligned with the beat map. It would definitely be worth it to learn how
  4. @@albatross213 I can at least confirm that notes and slides up to the 24th work just fine in-game. I came across this in testing a forthcoming custom, and according to PC Plum, you can also find evidence of this in his Pink Floyd - Echoes (Pompei) custom. This means I'll need to go back and fix my Layla custom :D Perhaps it is time to update the warnings related to this? Was/is this a problem in RS1?
  5. Since the 4-14-2016 hotfix, I've noticed that using the CTRL+Z undo function while the waveform graph is in view causes the waveform graph to disappear. Almost as if the "undo" is also being applied to the waveform itself. It's happened in a couple of individual projects, so it should be quite easy to replicate. If not, just let me know and I'll provide a project for you to test with.
  6. Thx, I got it figured out. Now I'm trying to figure out how to synchronize the notes properly. I hit ctl A, but it will only let me drag the notes to a certain point... You'll definitely want to check out the tutorials on how to sync your beat map. There's a video tutorial that I did, as well as a text based tutorial that @@firekorn put together a while back. Either of them, or even both will help you out a lot. You DEFINITELY don't want to be dragging notes around as a method of synchronization.
  7. It's my fault. Looks like I was wrong about the steps that would cause it. For me, it occurs when moving a beat that is between other anchored beats. Here's a test project for you: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vaeubtcfb09qbjt/notes.eof?dl=0 The glitch can be triggered by clicking and dragging the first beat of either the second or third measure.
  8. @@raynebc I think I've come across a wrinkle in the tempo map fix present in the latest hotfix (11-22). When working with a 12/8 tempo map, I'm still experiencing a similar type of "corruption" issue as before. The problem occurs when moving the first beat of every other measure in 12/8. Moving the first beat of each measure works just fine, but moving every other down beat causes the first measure to become corrupt. It's happened in 3 12/8 projects that I've started new under the 11-22 hotfix, so I doubt you'd need a project file from (but certainly let me know if it'd help). To reproduce i
  9. The mods will notify you if one of your songs becomes an official DLC, and they'll remove it for you. They're just referring to people that use one "master link" for many songs. Just make sure you provide a unique link for each song you create, and you probably won't have to do anything at all in the event that one of your creations becomes an official DLC.
  10. I nearly had a heart attack when I first saw this, until I read a bit further... I link to a folder for each individual song so that I don't have to change the link when new versions/updates are placed in the folder. Glad to know this will still be allowed.
  11. Yes, exporting to a GP5 file will work perfectly, unless there's some GP6 exclusive features in the tab - in which case those will not export.
  12. @raynebc Could his problem with the "disappearing" leading silence be caused by streaming the leading silence and not choosing the "re-encode" box?
  13. Just a guess, but maybe the text file has some characters that aren't supported, like an "&" or something like that. Maybe check the text file that Ultrastar created and see if there's anything that looks strange.
  14. Awesome. Thanks as always for the help. Will you be releasing the next hotfix soon?
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