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  1. gafotas


    Although I have seen several tutorials, I still do not understand how to make slides from the editor. If I want the slide to be made from the note to the bottom or to the top it is toggle slide up and down, but if I want it to be the slide to the note, how is it done? Reverse, set end, unpitched, pitched, how are they used? They don't do anything to me.
  2. when I use the page up and down keys, it moves the timeline in black. How can I get it to move on eighth or sixteenth notes to place the tones?
  3. hello i would like to ask if it is possible to use YouTube as music for the custom songs in rocksmith instead of using an MP3 and in this way the authors could make money from advertising and no copyrights would be infringed
  4. Hello coldrampage thanks for your answer. Is there a way to lower the resolution so that the program is not bigger than my pc screen? i have windows 10 and my resolution is 1366x768
  5. Hello, someone explain me the difference between the dlcbuilder and the tool kit?
  6. How did you get multitrack songs? I am very interested, I find it very useful. hopefully this feature is in the new rocksmith. good job.
  7. It would be nice to hear the tones from the toolkit, but good. Thank you very much for the answers.
  8. My apologies, if this not correspond here. I am lost in this forum. Is there any way to edit/listen tone sound without open the rocksmith? A friend of mine gave me a rar with a lot of tones, but it's exhausting look one by one from the game. And I don't know if it happens to someone else, but rocksmith stops ringing and doesn't render any sounds when it open several consecutive sounds.
  9. When I listen the song in my computer, it sounds good, but in the game, is heard very low. How I can do to increase the volume of the song?
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