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  1. Here's the Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0ou7h6nhroyb9qc/Stefan_Grossman.zip/file Stefan Grossman is a legendary DELTA BLUES Guitarists, who captured the essence of Classic Delta Blues guitarists into his music. Stefan Grossman (born April 16, 1945) is an American acoustic fingerstyle guitarist and singer, music producer and educator, and co-founder of Kicking Mule records. In the folk and country blues revival of the 1960s he was listening to old recordings of artists such as Elizabeth Cotten, Big Bill Broonzy, Lead Belly, Josh White, Lightnin' Hopkins, Rev. Gary Davis, Blind Willie Johnson, Blind Boy Fuller, Son House, Charlie Patton, Skip James, Blind Blake, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Brownie McGhee and Woody Guthrie. This brought him into contact with other collectors, including John Fahey, Ed Denson, Bernie Klatzko, Tom Hoskins and Nick Poerls. Collecting the 78s developed into searching for the artists who had recorded them, with many successes: during the mid-60s, Grossman met, befriended and studied guitar with Mississippi John Hurt, Son House, Skip James, Mississippi Fred McDowell and other major blues artists Here's a video of him:
  2. If you need the mp3 files let me know. If you have ANY problems with the links let me know: If you need the mp3 files let me know. If you have ANY problems with the links let me know: http://www.mediafire..._Knows.gp4/file http://www.mediafire...ock%29.gp3/file http://www.mediafire...bbc%29.gp3/file http://www.mediafire...282%29.gp4/file http://www.mediafire...siness.gp4/file http://www.mediafire...e_Free.gp4/file http://www.mediafire...ething.gp4/file http://www.mediafire...m_Away.gp4/file http://www.mediafire..._House.gp4/file http://www.mediafire...io_One.gp4/file http://www.mediafire...e_Love.gp3/file http://www.mediafire...er_Man.gp3/file http://www.mediafire..._Night.gp3/file http://www.mediafire..._69%29.gp3/file http://www.mediafire...ie_Man.gp3/file http://www.mediafire...tic%29.gp3/file http://www.mediafire..._Be%29.gp4/file http://www.mediafire...ro_Man.gp3/file
  3. Does anybody know how this could be done?? For example transforming a midi file to guitar pro file and then make it into a CDLC. I know you can IMPORT midi files with guitar pro, but the output is bad, as the tabs are not good at all. If this could be done it would be a rocksmith revolution! We could get any song we wanted from youtube or something and CDLC it. Any ideas how this could be possible guys?
  4. Rocksmith team announced a new project, and they won't make more DLC... What do you think the new project will be?
  5. Yes of course please provide more info about your process. Perhaps we can have a skype session about this, or chat via facebook? If you can of course
  6. The software is supposed to help you sync the tabs with the audio faster, from what I've read. Can it be used to make CDLC faster by helping you with the tab-to-audio sync process?
  7. Hello Keten, Thank you SO MUCH! You're solution of giving a proper name and author to the file worked. The only problem now is that the strings are not properly "synced" in the Inlay. For example, the six string is properly synced. The 3rd fret is correctly labeled a G, the 5th fret an A, the 7th fret a B and so forth. But the Fifth String is not: The 3rd fret of the 5th string is labeled in the Inlay as D, the 5th fret of the 5th string is labeled as an E and so on. Any idea how to fix this?? Thanks
  8. Hello, Besides ultimate-guitar and songsterr, where do you usually get your tabs from to create CDLC?
  9. Well, I've tried to create the inlay again and nope... unfortunately not working. Which I could send you an image of how I have it set up, perhaps you could advice me better
  10. Hello, Anybody knows how to use the Player Progress feature of the Custom Game Toolkit? I ran the folder of my DLCs, but then the program told me to select a Localprofile.json file to continue, and I couldn't find it. Anybody knows how to use it?? Thanks
  11. Hello, I just checked, and YES, I actually DO have the rocksmith inlay. Perhaps the problem is I haven't created the Inlay .psarc file well with the toolkit? I have a 21 fret guitar, can you send me the file via e-mail? I could just add it in the inlays folder which is inside the cdlc folder...
  12. What exactly do you have to do to get it? Ive been playng rocksmith for over 2 years with this laptop so I should prolly have it by now. In case I have it and the Toolkit Inlay still doesnt work what can I do?
  13. What is the rocksmith inlay? Can you post a picture of it??? I dont know if I have it or not
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