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  1. Google Drive. For some people it's a pain to create a gmail but it's worth the five minutes or less. Zero Ads and I've never had a download become unavailable for any unknown reasons.
  2. I'm working on a chart that took me a few hours to manually set the FHPs for one guitar path. The Bass path plays almost exclusively the root notes of the guitar path and as a result, The fingering is identical. Is there a way to copy/paste the FHPs from the guitar path to the Bass path? Or do I have to spend more time manually setting the FHPs for the Bass Path?
  3. I downloaded that chart years ago and I just played it again and it seems like everything is working as intended. I looked at in disconnected mode, so is it the tones that aren't working? I'm using Version 1.1 for PC.
  4. I see you did a Breaking Benjamin song. I was wondering if you were ever going to get to the song Dream Away by Keith Wallen...…(A member of Breaking Benjamin)?

    1. BazookaBear


      I don't have any plans to work on any Keith Wallen songs at the moment. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any tabs available online so I would more than likely have to commission a transcriptionist to create tabs for "Dream Away" or any other song by Keith Wallen. Currently, I have to use my own personal funds to commission tabs and as a result, I have to be very picky with which songs I commission tabs for.

      I do have plans on making more Breaking Benjamin Charts after I finish working on a few Chevelle charts.

    2. Mr. Rhetoric

      Mr. Rhetoric

      Ok. Thanks for replying 🙂

  5. Good job @arrov. I enjoyed the @coldrampage cameo in the RStoolkit author name part. Have you tried out DLC Builder yet? I recently made the switch and now the RStoolkit feels very primitive to me.
  6. Unfortunately I'm not a huge Sevendust fan. I've only ever charted songs that I like. I charted a few Post-Kevin Matisyn Evans Blue songs because I think they're "okay" and they were very easy to chart because they had pro tabs readily available. Other than that, I only chart songs that I want to at the moment. I am working on making video tutorials for beginner charters on the side so if you would like to do it yourself, stay tuned. Edit: I mentioned that requests are welcome above, But I was mostly referring to requests of songs by bands that I like if someone knew any but I failed to mention that. Sorry about that.
  7. Evans Blue charts are done. Now I'm working on updating "Black Boys On Mopeds" and then I'm going to start "The Clincher (Version 103)".

  8. In my humble opinion, This needs to change. Expecting you to do everything yourself is insane. Right, These are some of the reasons why I don't go marching to your thread demanding changes to your tutorial(s). Your tutorials are perfect for getting people started. That alone is impressive enough. Expecting/asking you to painstakingly update your tutorial to go into every little detail on every niche technique that every charter (especially beginner charters) might not use is rather unfair. I would like to work on that, yes sir. I agree. I appreciate all of the work you've done. I do admit, I'm rather baffled why you seem to be the only mod/admin who contributes to tutorials, etc. (especially for 3 years)? Do the other mods not have the time or knowledge?
  9. I've been charting since 2018 and I've noticed very little if any updates to the info on Create CDLC. I've wanted to create tutorials myself but because I always make an effort to be a perfectionist, and as a result, it would require a lot of time for me to do that myself. I would love to make/see guides on how to do specific things. For example, I still struggle with charting very specific techniques like Pick Scraping or getting tremolo/vibrato to work right either due to me forgetting or through some other error on my part. A video showing the steps would be fantastic, especially for visual learners like myself.
  10. I've recently started working on scoring music and sound effects for a fan made campaign titled "The Broken Goddess" for Thief 2: The Metal Age. As a result, My progress on future CDLC uploads will be slowed while I work on this project. When I return, The remaining Evans Blue songs will be completed and uploaded. 

  11. good charts homie. Will you be working on the new chevelle album?


    1. BazookaBear


      Thank you for the complement. Currently palms46 is working on Niratias. I reached out and offered my assistance if he needs anything but currently he wishes to work on it independently. So, I will not be working on Niratias unless he reaches out to me. Currently, I'm working on some Evans Blue charts that have been gathering dust and then I'll go from there. You can see my list of songs that I'm working on or plan to in my thread here -


  12. Just wanted to thank for the sleep walking elite. looked at your list, you have some good stuff in plan can't wait for that Evans blue. Also If you could take a look at erase my scars from Evans Blue hopefully you might like it enough to make it 🙂

    1. BazookaBear


      Thank you for the feedback! I actually had made some good progress on "Erase My Scars" a while back. I'm currently focusing on "Prove To You" and "Leto's Headache" from Chevelle and then I will go back and finish up those Evans Blue charts.


    2. Mr. Rhetoric

      Mr. Rhetoric

      Dope can't wait!!

  13. Took a break for a while, Now I'm kinda getting back into it. I pretty much stopped working on Chevelle charts due to Psalms uploading almost every song I was working on (RIP). His charts are really good. I may try to work with him to add bass. I'll try to keep this post updated moving forward.
  14. Happy Birthday BazookaBear!

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