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  1. I'm not a bass player, but this one sounds better to me than UG: https://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/black-sabbath-megalomania-bass-tab-s26946t6 Other guitar parts are ok too.
  2. Had another listen, and yeah. I wonder if he's in the wrong mode or scale or something, eg like he didn't flatten the third or whatever. I don't know the song well enough to suggest any more than that.
  3. I assume you have downloaded this, but just in case you missed it. https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/black-sabbath/megalomania-guitar-pro-1445571 It may not be the performance you are interested in doing but it might help. Seemed like a pretty good tab to me, except it's missing some of the ad lib at the end.
  4. Hey arrov. Just a suggestion. You might like to make a list of which sub menus in Eof are useful + what they do. I almost only use the Rocksmith ones, thinking that the others are for GH etc. but you have show you can use Pro-guitar and maybe others, I didn't know about. I've ignored most sub menu choices think they wouldn't work for RS.
  5. Ah. Right. That's another thing I used to do note by note in Guitar Pro first. Again very tedious.
  6. Thanks arrov. I love this bit on handshapes. I've never been able to make it work before and always did it note by note which is very tedious and doesn't work near as well.
  7. Looks great arrov. Nice illustrations. I could be wrong, but I think FHP is just a way of creating a camera view and that's why I always caused errors when I tried to specify where to put your hand and now I always use "generate".
  8. Hey swanny,

    Hope you didn't mind my little crack about the North East accent.  I love that video and the guy's accent. I think it's geordie or somewhere near Newcastle. It seems so strong to me from Oz but you probably hardly notice it. Anyhow, no offence meant.  




  9. You might like to add that lots of lyric websites are nowhere near as accurate as you might expect and they leave out words, choruses and verses especially if they are repeated. The also have some laughable mondegreens (like "dressed up like a douche") at times and often omit the ad lib vocal parts you often get in an Outro etc. So it's worth checking before you go tapping it out. I usually visit a couple of lyric sites and compare. just a couple of cents worth.
  10. Well done, and yeah. It's a PIA for what it's worth. It's designed for accurate karaoke creation which we don't really need. I usually just rough it out in Ultrastar and then drag the lyrics about in EoF to make them fit better. Many of the songs I've done have got too many words to fit in writing over the notes anyhow. I figure it's nice to have the words there, but nobody is going to worry if they don't fit spot on the note. It's not a singing game. Also I find it's good to a lyric chart just to keep track of where you are in the song, when adding those fill in licks etc.
  11. That would account for maybe a dozen, let's say 100. Right now there's 355! They must be hacker bots looking someone's who stored there bank account password here. They didn't. I hope!
  12. Right now there's 167 Members, 0 Anonymous, 235 Guests on the site. I just can't see why there would be 235 people browsing the forum and not wanting to download or chart CDLC for Rocksmith. Admin might know better, but maybe they're bots trying to scam passwords, just thinking, I don't know. If they're real people, why don't they join?
  13. You Need to Sign Up. It's Free... At the time of posting there are 158 Members, 1 Anonymous, and 342 Guests on CustomsForge. 342 Guests ! What are you doing here? If you have Rocksmith, you need to sign up and start downloading Rocksmith songs (CDLC) for free on Ignition. Ok you might have read somewhere that some of it is not the greatest quality, but lots of it is fantastic quality. You can't get dlc of Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, GnR, Beatles or Metallica on Steam even at $5 each. As a guest you can't get onto Ignition as it's not available to you. So join for free. There's no catch. After you've downloaded a few hundred CDLCs you might want to become a Patreon and support the site but that's up to you. You might even want to create you're own CDLC to contribute. I can only imagine a dozen or so guests are just snooping out of general interest, that means 330 people are looking for Rocksmith songs (CDLC), but are scared to join or worried their email address will get spammed. It doesn't happen from here. There's no catch, join now! It will be ok, really. Just sign up.
  14. @coldrampage got it with a picture. That's what I meant alright. Well done, and thanks. Anyhow my main point was you have to set up configuration first. If you try to switch back to check, after putting in all your XMLs and tones, you lose everything and have to start again. Done that a few times. Duh!
  15. Before importing into CS Toolkit, I think you mean. Yes.
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