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  1. Remember over a year ago Ubisoft told us they were "thrilled to finally let you know that we’ve been hard at work on a new project!" and that they " now need to shift focus away from DLC creation." Now they've been quiet for a while. Does anyone have any inside info on whether this is really happening? I mean maybe Covid or the economy killed it or maybe it was just spin all along? Maybe they are hard at work on a fantastic new product? I'm sure I was one of many who ordered RS2014 a year in advance, just so I would get it the day it was released and would do so again. I'm just asking if
  2. Oh yeah. So use CFSM to get a list and work through that updating the collection on line. Yeah, that's probably a little easier than using the list on RS as it's a lot more compact. Anything to make it a bit easier. I might be one of the few who came to rely on the old collection because I download on my laptop and then transfer files to my TV play machine. Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. The new Collection is great, it works well in ignition 4. Let's face it our old collections are gone. No point moaning about it. So if you have a couple of thousand customs, is there any better way of updating your new collection other than going through on RS song by song and painfully clicking them? I can't reliably remember if I've got a song or not and end up double downloading. I have made a start by searching for artists I like and going through them that way. Has anyone found a better way?
  4. Well, It's been up on Ignition for 5 days with 145 downloads and no complaints. Seems to work for everyone except me on my laptop. I'm beginning to suspect Steam is the culprit since the no cable patcher cures it. It is something to do with having a Steam account on my TV computer as well as the laptop. So let's consider it problem solved and case closed. Thanks to fetal_icecream, ghr1227 and Ffio for helping or at least taking an interest in the thread.
  5. Does this custom load on your setup?
  6. Whoa ho. Hey fetal, Glad to hear from you again. I thought you had left the forum cos there wasn't much new Acca Dacca stuff being posted. I guess the wife and children have been keeping you busy. So it goes... I sure would like to know if this custom loads for you. I found the link to patcher from a guy called Brubeck on CF. I don't rightly know much about it. i just tried it cos nothing else worked. It seems to be a no cable patch so you can use your Focus right Scarlett or Zoom interface instead of a cable. It also seems to cut that silly Steam log in thing when you are start
  7. Reposting a quote here from Iminashi for continuity: " The custom works on my machine and I'm not seeing any obvious reason why it shouldn't work. The reasons for a custom not showing up I can thing of are: -The DLC key used is the same as another custom/ODLC. -The App ID is set to a DLC the user doesn't own. -The user has some song list selected. -Some people have posted about problems with long filenames on Mac, but since I don't own one, I can't test it." My responses:- --Slight possibility I might have mixed up DLC key as I tried over 13 times t
  8. Update:- I tried it on my other machine and it works fine. So what is happening?
  9. Need help with a Custom I created. I've made several ok Customs in the past without too much problem. But after generating this custom in SC Toolkit, I struggled for several days to get this one to show up in RS Remastered, having got rid of all errors in EoF. I used the latest hotfix EoF and Toolkit and used CFSM repair on it to no avail. I checked for updates of D3DX9_42.dll and had the latest. In this process I came across a link on CF to Rocksmith Patcher. In desperation I gave this a go and suddenly my custom works perfectly. I don't think it right to post on Ignition just yet as it
  10. I had this error for a while but I got back to ignition by hitting F5 to refresh the cache. Might work for you too.
  11. Thanks, It was indeed a bug which they have now fixed after the sale ended. The cart button popped up so I've got it now anyhow. Thanks for taking an interest. Cheers, Ian
  12. Thanks for your interest. I sure have. Got no reply from Ubisoft as yet. Steam said this: "Hi Ian, Thanks for reporting this matter. Not all publishers have submitted pricing for titles in your region. If this missed pricing is unintentional, once a price is submitted by the publisher, the DLC should be available for purchase. We do not have further information regarding prices in a specific region. We will notify publisher/developers of any missed pricing, so please continue to check the store front for any updates. Additionally, you can also contact the publisher/develo
  13. Could someone who owns the Mumford and Sons Song pack please message me and let me know what country you are in? It looks like you can point to my name (mczero) or avatar above and select message from the pop up window to do it on this new site. It looks like Steam is not allowed to sell Mumford in Australia with them being Australian for some stupid reason.
  14. The Mumford and Sons Songpack on Steam seem to be unavailable in Australia (possibly for legal reasons). Does anyone know how to get it? I've tried to buy it on Steam several times over the years, but Steam just won't let me.
  15. @@coldrampage "The inability to edit tabs is a major pain in the ass, especially with how you are more likely to notice errors during the sync process." I agree in that it would be great to edit tabs in GPA, but you can get it synced half way, go back to Guitar Pro, edit the tab, save, reload in GPA and still keep the syncing you have already done up to the edit. I do this a lot. After the edit, you might lose some red dots, if you have deleted or added bars. Otherwise it usually is all still there. I would caution against autosync in GPA. I find it does more harm than good and can lead you wa
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