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Community Answers

  1. Surely this member and their charts should be reported to the moderators. Deliberately posting rubbish is detrimental to the credibility of the whole site. On the other hand, I've come across a couple of charts that are way off, but I've just made encouraging comments in the hope that the charter will fix them and do better next time. Coldrampage has made some good suggestions as usual.
  2. Hey Agentrando, Congrats on your customs. It's quite a journey, but well worth it. Now you can create your favourite songs that no one else is interested in doing. Your archive of 120,000 gp5s probably got shut down by some lawyers representing big publishing companies that want us all to buy all their sheet music or midis for exorbitant prices that they don't pass much or anything on to the artist at all, sometimes. Lots of these have come and gone over the years. The survivors are probably in Russia or Lybia etc. i think the most commonly used sources on here are Songsterr and Ultimate Guitar (Russian). Take care before you pay hard earned dollars to ultimate-guitar.com for Pro membership. They have some nice "Official" gp5s but don't allow you to download them usually. Read this. You can always google gp5 or midi files and turn up a bunch of sites of variable quality. After sorting through them they might have your song if you are very lucky. It might have 3 parts, or not. I find songs which were not hits in the USA are generally much harder to find. Take care when buying sheet music. A lot of it is just wrong, especially with songs from before 1990. It might just be someone's idea of what is good to play on the piano. Never heard of SmartScore. ScanScore seems pretty good. I've got Photoscore for scanning sheet music, which is also pretty good but has to be checked thoroughly for misreads of notes. It produces files in Sibelius format which then can be converted to midi. Unfortunately music xml from Sibelius is incompatible with Guitar Pro xml so it's back to midi which is not completely reliable and sometimes produces octave jumps. So yeah, there's a lot of problems to be overcome in producing a custom DLC. As soon as you take a shortcut it backfires on you, I find. I take it pretty slow and careful. Good luck with your CDLC.
  3. Thanks Josh. Yeah I think the same changes beat UG Downloader too. I think they've renamed or hidden the downloads page somehow. I'm hoping someone writes a script that will still work. If not I'm killing my subscription next year.
  4. Update. Just a bit more info to save you the hassle of trying. I tried loading an Ultimate Guitar "Official" gp5 on Firefox under Arch Linux. No download button. I then tried UG Downloader for Firefox. Result: Same old old Access Denied error. So changing Operating System and browser made no difference. So my subscription to UG is looking decidedly fragile.
  5. Thanks for the response, CrackerJack. Yes, I suppose one could reduce the anal pain of a rewrite by downloading the best submitted version and make any improvements by hand from viewing the "Official" version, if any. I've noticed they mostly don't do these supposedly "Official" versions until they've got a pretty good .gpx submitted by somebody else, which they then make improvements to and post as "Official". Charting CDLC is a tedious process and I would have thought paying my $ would have allowed me to skip this step but... sigh. Songsterr is a good alternative if the tab exists there. I somehow find myself looking for obscure material that hasn't got there yet. UG has snowballed into having a pretty wide range in recent years which is what sucked me in. gprotab.net is pretty good, mostly for old stuff too. Btw. It seems like the no download button thing on UG has been applied gradually to different members rather than all at once as others seemed to complain years before it happened to me. It would be interesting to see how other charters have reacted to this problem. Maybe they give you a year or two before you get the chop. I'm still hopeful that UG downloader or something like it will upgrade to overcome the problem.
  6. No doubt many of our Charters have parted with their hard earned $ to gain Ultimate Guitar's "Pro" membership and gain access to their "Official" tabs for purposes of charting CDLC, as did I several years ago. Some months ago I discovered that the "Download" button had disappeared from these "Official" charts. UG now claim that we were never supposed to be able to download "Official" tabs and if we did it was caused by a bug. I tried the nifty Chrome extension UG Downloader, but that leads to an Access denied page for "Official" Tabs now. So before I cancel my UG membership, I'm asking, has anyone found a workaround for downloading these "Official" tabs (for which I have already paid )? I don't mind paying, I just like to get what I paid for.
  7. I'm not a bass player, but this one sounds better to me than UG: https://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/black-sabbath-megalomania-bass-tab-s26946t6 Other guitar parts are ok too.
  8. Had another listen, and yeah. I wonder if he's in the wrong mode or scale or something, eg like he didn't flatten the third or whatever. I don't know the song well enough to suggest any more than that.
  9. I assume you have downloaded this, but just in case you missed it. https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/black-sabbath/megalomania-guitar-pro-1445571 It may not be the performance you are interested in doing but it might help. Seemed like a pretty good tab to me, except it's missing some of the ad lib at the end.
  10. Hey arrov. Just a suggestion. You might like to make a list of which sub menus in Eof are useful + what they do. I almost only use the Rocksmith ones, thinking that the others are for GH etc. but you have show you can use Pro-guitar and maybe others, I didn't know about. I've ignored most sub menu choices think they wouldn't work for RS.
  11. Ah. Right. That's another thing I used to do note by note in Guitar Pro first. Again very tedious.
  12. Thanks arrov. I love this bit on handshapes. I've never been able to make it work before and always did it note by note which is very tedious and doesn't work near as well.
  13. Looks great arrov. Nice illustrations. I could be wrong, but I think FHP is just a way of creating a camera view and that's why I always caused errors when I tried to specify where to put your hand and now I always use "generate".
  14. Hey swanny,

    Hope you didn't mind my little crack about the North East accent.  I love that video and the guy's accent. I think it's geordie or somewhere near Newcastle. It seems so strong to me from Oz but you probably hardly notice it. Anyhow, no offence meant.  




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