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  1. Wow. What an incredible job @ avdocatwork ! Played both the E and C# versions and they were both incredible! Can't believe you not only made a great tab, but also went above and beyond in making 2 versions! Haven't played your version yet @ RSBass but I will certainly check it out. Thought this deserved a bit more than $15 so I went ahead and donated $25 to the site. Thank you so much man, this is awesome and I'm glad others will be able to play and enjoy it! Huge thanks to everyone else involved as well!
  2. hey @ avdocatwork ! Apologies for getting back to you a bit late, I'm very busy with training for work atm so haven't had a whole lot of time for RockSmith. I really like what I hear from this! It isn't the EXACT way I play it (2nd verse), however I learned it by ear years ago and the bass isn't the loudest so it's pretty much up for interpretation. Still, great tabbing. I'm not sure if you've seen this already but a guy on youtube created a great cover of this song along with tabs he made in the description. After looking it over I honestly think he's playing it a bit more accurately than I. The tabs aren't in E standard, however I'm sure it'd be pretty easy for you to translate them on the fly. I don't know if you're already looking at a tab sheet or doing this by ear, but I want to make it as easy for you as possible, and this looks like a great tab sheet to work with!
  3. Hey @avdocatwork, everything sounds great! I looked at the link and didn't see anywhere to download the C# tuning however. But from what I can see you're doing a great job so far. Just to make things easy I usually just play in E Standard but either way works (although I do believe the original is in C# Standard). You're 100% on the right track, if you have an update or need anything from me please let me know!
  4. Lol just a guy desperate to get his favorite BS song on Rocksmith
  5. You sir are a saint, I've never worked on a rocksmith chart before but am willing to help. I can play it on bass but not guitar, so you'd kinda be on your own for guitar. But for bass I am more than willing to help out!
  6. No joke. This is my favorite BS song and i have no idea how it isn't on here. I'll legit venmo someone $15 for making one (bass part required)
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