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  1. Happy Birthday swanny200!

  2. Happy Birthday swanny200!

  3. I sit on a bluetooth footstool with a nice aux input to boot, leatherette with speakers and sub built in, so I can plug from the laptop straight in via a cable if I want to play and the whole street to hear, or I just sit on it and use my headphones.
  4. I second Love Rollercoaster, also wonder if someone would be able to do some 90's Britpop indie stuff, stuff like Going For Gold, Shed Seven The Circle, July and Get Away by Ocean Colour Scene Wild Wood, Sunflower, Changingman and Whirlpools End by Paul Weller Walk Away by Cast And a bit later Sun hits the sky and Richard III by Supergrass. Any one of these will do and make my day. Thank You
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