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  1. Surely this member and their charts should be reported to the moderators. Deliberately posting rubbish is detrimental to the credibility of the whole site. On the other hand, I've come across a couple of charts that are way off, but I've just made encouraging comments in the hope that the charter will fix them and do better next time. Coldrampage has made some good suggestions as usual.
  2. Update. Just a bit more info to save you the hassle of trying. I tried loading an Ultimate Guitar "Official" gp5 on Firefox under Arch Linux. No download button. I then tried UG Downloader for Firefox. Result: Same old old Access Denied error. So changing Operating System and browser made no difference. So my subscription to UG is looking decidedly fragile.
  3. Thanks for the response, CrackerJack. Yes, I suppose one could reduce the anal pain of a rewrite by downloading the best submitted version and make any improvements by hand from viewing the "Official" version, if any. I've noticed they mostly don't do these supposedly "Official" versions until they've got a pretty good .gpx submitted by somebody else, which they then make improvements to and post as "Official". Charting CDLC is a tedious process and I would have thought paying my $ would have allowed me to skip this step but... sigh. Songsterr is a good alternative if the tab exists there. I somehow find myself looking for obscure material that hasn't got there yet. UG has snowballed into having a pretty wide range in recent years which is what sucked me in. gprotab.net is pretty good, mostly for old stuff too. Btw. It seems like the no download button thing on UG has been applied gradually to different members rather than all at once as others seemed to complain years before it happened to me. It would be interesting to see how other charters have reacted to this problem. Maybe they give you a year or two before you get the chop. I'm still hopeful that UG downloader or something like it will upgrade to overcome the problem.
  4. No doubt many of our Charters have parted with their hard earned $ to gain Ultimate Guitar's "Pro" membership and gain access to their "Official" tabs for purposes of charting CDLC, as did I several years ago. Some months ago I discovered that the "Download" button had disappeared from these "Official" charts. UG now claim that we were never supposed to be able to download "Official" tabs and if we did it was caused by a bug. I tried the nifty Chrome extension UG Downloader, but that leads to an Access denied page for "Official" Tabs now. So before I cancel my UG membership, I'm asking, has anyone found a workaround for downloading these "Official" tabs (for which I have already paid )? I don't mind paying, I just like to get what I paid for.
  5. I'm not a bass player, but this one sounds better to me than UG: https://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/black-sabbath-megalomania-bass-tab-s26946t6 Other guitar parts are ok too.
  6. Had another listen, and yeah. I wonder if he's in the wrong mode or scale or something, eg like he didn't flatten the third or whatever. I don't know the song well enough to suggest any more than that.
  7. I assume you have downloaded this, but just in case you missed it. https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/black-sabbath/megalomania-guitar-pro-1445571 It may not be the performance you are interested in doing but it might help. Seemed like a pretty good tab to me, except it's missing some of the ad lib at the end.
  8. Hey arrov. Just a suggestion. You might like to make a list of which sub menus in Eof are useful + what they do. I almost only use the Rocksmith ones, thinking that the others are for GH etc. but you have show you can use Pro-guitar and maybe others, I didn't know about. I've ignored most sub menu choices think they wouldn't work for RS.
  9. Ah. Right. That's another thing I used to do note by note in Guitar Pro first. Again very tedious.
  10. Thanks arrov. I love this bit on handshapes. I've never been able to make it work before and always did it note by note which is very tedious and doesn't work near as well.
  11. Looks great arrov. Nice illustrations. I could be wrong, but I think FHP is just a way of creating a camera view and that's why I always caused errors when I tried to specify where to put your hand and now I always use "generate".
  12. Hey swanny,

    Hope you didn't mind my little crack about the North East accent.  I love that video and the guy's accent. I think it's geordie or somewhere near Newcastle. It seems so strong to me from Oz but you probably hardly notice it. Anyhow, no offence meant.  




  13. You might like to add that lots of lyric websites are nowhere near as accurate as you might expect and they leave out words, choruses and verses especially if they are repeated. The also have some laughable mondegreens (like "dressed up like a douche") at times and often omit the ad lib vocal parts you often get in an Outro etc. So it's worth checking before you go tapping it out. I usually visit a couple of lyric sites and compare. just a couple of cents worth.
  14. Well done, and yeah. It's a PIA for what it's worth. It's designed for accurate karaoke creation which we don't really need. I usually just rough it out in Ultrastar and then drag the lyrics about in EoF to make them fit better. Many of the songs I've done have got too many words to fit in writing over the notes anyhow. I figure it's nice to have the words there, but nobody is going to worry if they don't fit spot on the note. It's not a singing game. Also I find it's good to a lyric chart just to keep track of where you are in the song, when adding those fill in licks etc.
  15. That would account for maybe a dozen, let's say 100. Right now there's 355! They must be hacker bots looking someone's who stored there bank account password here. They didn't. I hope!
  16. Right now there's 167 Members, 0 Anonymous, 235 Guests on the site. I just can't see why there would be 235 people browsing the forum and not wanting to download or chart CDLC for Rocksmith. Admin might know better, but maybe they're bots trying to scam passwords, just thinking, I don't know. If they're real people, why don't they join?
  17. You Need to Sign Up. It's Free... At the time of posting there are 158 Members, 1 Anonymous, and 342 Guests on CustomsForge. 342 Guests ! What are you doing here? If you have Rocksmith, you need to sign up and start downloading Rocksmith songs (CDLC) for free on Ignition. Ok you might have read somewhere that some of it is not the greatest quality, but lots of it is fantastic quality. You can't get dlc of Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, GnR, Beatles or Metallica on Steam even at $5 each. As a guest you can't get onto Ignition as it's not available to you. So join for free. There's no catch. After you've downloaded a few hundred CDLCs you might want to become a Patreon and support the site but that's up to you. You might even want to create you're own CDLC to contribute. I can only imagine a dozen or so guests are just snooping out of general interest, that means 330 people are looking for Rocksmith songs (CDLC), but are scared to join or worried their email address will get spammed. It doesn't happen from here. There's no catch, join now! It will be ok, really. Just sign up.
  18. @coldrampage got it with a picture. That's what I meant alright. Well done, and thanks. Anyhow my main point was you have to set up configuration first. If you try to switch back to check, after putting in all your XMLs and tones, you lose everything and have to start again. Done that a few times. Duh!
  19. Before importing into CS Toolkit, I think you mean. Yes.
  20. There's some discussion of why DD became the default on this page at posted April 23, 2020 onward, just for interest sake:- https://customsforge.com/index.php?/topic/989-rocksmith-custom-song-toolkit-toolkit-qa/page/20/ There could be more in that whole section. That would seem to confirm what you discovered.
  21. He's a comedian as well as a bass cdlc machine.
  22. No worries mate! Actually the whole RSTK phase is one of the worst documented in most How To guides on charting. It's often omitted cos they got tired by then and also the Toolkit has changed a lot over the years. So overall you've done well! I still do a lot things in charting out of habit or because I'm not sure if they are still necessary anymore or not, so I do it to make sure, like you do with DD. That's why I thought a wiki on charting would be useful so everyone can submit updates and improvements. One more thing to add in to the guide is to got to the Configuration tab FIRST and fill it in especially package author, arrov in your case, so your work can be traced in CF Song Manager. Most importantly, if you leave it till you are about to generate then do it and switch back to File > restart, all your work is cleared, and there's no other way back. You have to do all your imports and tones again. Most of the cdlc I have downloaded has a blank for package author. Cheers, mczero
  23. Thanks Jan, So many opposites in my experience. I think in this new world, a lot more people are sitting at home playing on their own and some of them are charting. Also I suspect I've got a few years on you, so my first band were getting gigs 3-4 times a week. Within 10 years it was 3-4 times a year, then after 10 more years, it was once every 10 years and now I haven't played a gig for over 10 years. So for me RS is like being back in the band again I can play along with Foster The People, Led Zeppelin etc and feel like I'm almost back in the band again, and we've got a good singer which I didn't always have. So it's almost the opposite of training wheels, more like a substitute for the real thing and a bit of nostalgia. BTW, I mentioned @JamesPrestonUK in that post on Sultans of Swing. Anyway I see no reason why you should give up RS as a means of practice and learning new material no matter how much professional play you get, and there's nothing like charting a good song to gain musical understanding of it, even when you're playing in a band. Cheers, mczero
  24. Ah. So you need a six string version. I've got a couple of those accumulated over the years. Apparently @JamesPrestonUK created and posted one specially for you (nice guy) but he only does bass, so that doesn't do us any good. Pity. I'm not sure who created this one or if it is the best one I've got. Does your youtube video say who the creator was? Ah, It's @PC Plum . It's hard to know which file you're actually playing on RS. CF probably doesn't like me to post other peoples stuff on Ignition so here's one: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3ujildlmiibmmib/Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing2_p.psarc?dl=0 Let me know if it is bass only or lacking something and I'll post you another one. Meanwhile you could message @PC_Plum on the not private messenger on CF and he should re-post the one you want on Ignition. Cheers, mczero
  25. Thanks Jan, Yes, I've got hundreds of tabs waiting to chart too. I recall before about 2016 charters used to get a label of "Charter" and "MagnaCharter" under their forum posts. That suddenly stopped and no-one seemed to notice or comment so far as I remember. Then more recently the labels disappeared from those who had one and no one commented so it probably did little to encourage anyone to chart. I agree that some downloaders will eventually get curious about it, but I was hoping there would be something the site could do to stimulate that process. I just don't know what. Also have you noticed some members suddenly become enthusiastic charters for a year or two then drop out and often leave dead links. Ignition 4 wiped a lot of those. I think that's how the full version of Sultans of Swing disappeared. How can we hold on to these people more? Thanks James and Jan for thinking about it.
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