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  1. jaguarRN

    Ska & Reggae

    Starting working on more Reggae/Rock/Ska songs recently so I thought I share a list of current ideas and projects to see if anyone has any interest. Not in any particular order: The Astronauts - Baja Ballyhoo! - The Struggle Dick Dale - Nitro Dick Dale - The Eliminator Dirty Heads - Stand Tall Dirty Heads - Oxygen Elovaters - Wind On My Back The Expendables - 24/7 The Expendables - Stay Now Iration - Reelin Pepper - Stone Love Pepper - Stormtrooper Peter Tosh - Reggaemylitis Rebelution - Lady in White Reel Big Fish - I Want Your Girlfriend to be my Girlfriend Reel Big Fish - Party Down Slightly Stoopid - Bandelero Sublime - DJs Sublime - Greatest Hits Tribal Seeds - Rock the Night
  2. jaguarRN

    Ska & Reggae

    Lol nothing super high tech. I've been starting with a power tab with Guitar Pro and importing into Editor on Fire to build from there. Just depends on if there is actually already a tab or not somewhere. If not it can take a bit to go through and figure out bass/guitar etc. Probably like 4 to 10hrs to get version 1 cdlc up
  3. jaguarRN

    Ska & Reggae

  4. jaguarRN

    Ska & Reggae

    @@chacebollinger If i can figure out how to make them I'll start one for each of those bands chacebollinger! Just getting into CDLC. Any requests to start? How bout Iration - Wait and See
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