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  1. Fun song and nice start. The biggest issue right now is that the lead guitar lines are out a little out of sync at places. Not whole sections but usually a few individual notes here and there. It almost feels like there are some missing notes which is a possibility but I would focus on syncing them properly first. The general trend for that is it happens more near the end of the phrase but not always. Once you get that resolved I think this could really benefit of having a second tone because the rhythm part is being drowned out by the tone and honestly all I can pick out is that second muted rhythm guitar and it feels like I should be playing those since I cant hear the other ones. Also don't forget to run your audio through Orban software as demonstrated in the tutorials so you can get audio levels relative to your tone. You can always tweak from there but it should get you in a good spot so its not overpowering the music. Then finally, for the phrases you actually want to set them as sections with SHIFT-S. You can place the phrases at the same time as the section or afterwards or simply let them be auto generated from the sections you have added. For the fret hand positions you can press CTRL-SHIFT-F to delete and then regenerate them. If you are doing custom ones by hand I would wait until everything is perfect before doing them as a final pass.
  2. The easiest way is to simply use the import / import from file within the Rocksmith DLC builder or Toolkit and select the dlc file which will let you just select the tones you wish you import. Otherwise you can assign that tone within Rocksmith and use a similar feature to import from your Rocksmith profile which will let you access your hotkeyed tones. Finally, if all else fails you essentially just go into tone designer and write down all the information of the tone and then create/add a new tone in the builder/toolkit and fill that same info manually. Also, if you have trouble finding the ODLC file itself (the naming convention is somtimes strange) the best way I found is to go into your Steam DLC for Rocksmith, uninstall and reinstall it so that when you sort by newest that DLC will be on top.

    Do you read me

    After i play it many many times i find that there are same missing notes. (The missing notes is after the midle of the song) It not difficult to put by your self the missing notes  but it not much trumble to put them on the game so others can play it more easy

    thank you again


    1. peonmypeon



       I will check it out when I can.

      Right now I am actually going through a lot of CLDC songs and fixing everything, especially bass, usually by ear so expect to see them slowly getting updated as I have time. I might bump this one up depending on the complexity of the fixes.


    2. MOYFAS


      ok thank you for your time

  4. Thank you so much for uploading Rory Gallagher songs!!
    Maybe you could add "edged in blue" sometimes. That would be sooo great! It's my favourite song.


    Greetings from Bavaria

    1. peonmypeon


      One of my favorites too, so rest assured I will be making that when the opportunity presents itself.

    2. GetTheLedOut


      A fav of mine as well! And I also give my thanks for the all the Rory. I might be able to help with this one soon, perhaps this week. I've had my eye on it for some time, and I think I can work out the guitar part reasonably well. At this point, I've only got it synced up and written in a few things I think I'm hearing. I just need to figure out what scales Rory is using and finish up the lead.

      Have you started yet? How can I help? 

    3. peonmypeon


      I am near complete on the Lead and Rhythm but need to chart he bass. I would gladly use any help you can provide. I sent you a request on Discord and we can go over more details. Thanks!

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