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  1. this is a bit confusing. For example: when i check the GP5 file in guitar Pro, or TuxGuitar, i see BPM is 90. When i search the song on songbpm.com a BPM of 169 is given.... what's the correct one?
  2. @@cozy1, sorry for the late....(very late) reply. but yes! this version finaly works. thank you.
  3. There are no tone switches anymore when playing a song. all sounds the same... and the guitar is barely hearable while the volume of all the sliders set to max.. does this have to do with recent Rocksmith updates?
  4. Update.... It works! created my first CDLC. Forgot 1 thing: fill in a version number. :) after that, it runs like a charm Now, looking further to make it better, and to get the correct sounds into rocksmith and all that...
  5. Here it is. :) Checked all the settings twice. Is the problem really in Song Creator Toolkit, or do i have to look further back in EoF? One thing i noticed in EoF is that i did not get the message to fill in the Interlude, verse, chorus and all that. (video above, starts at 11:00min...) Not sure if this might the problem
  6. followd this tutorial step by step to make my first cdlc. everything goes fine, i guess.... but the last step, generating the CDLC gave me a error. "Can not 'Generate' a package quite yet.. one or more fields are missing information or contains invalid data. I use eof 1.8RC12 and the latest version of the toolkit. v2.9.2.0 added the arrangements that i have made in eof correctly Guitar -lead (Eb) (default) Bass (E standard) (Default) Vocals next the album jpg file and the wem file created in Wwise. finaly game version rocksmith 2014, and set platform to PC. did i miss some
  7. Not sure in what topic i can post this, so i'll give it a shot. :) I have rocksmith for PC with the original rocksmith cable. Now, my daughter wants to play as well on here own computer , and we also want to try the muliplayer mode I have allready this guitar interface cable. The IK Multimedia Stealthplug https://www.musicradar.com/reviews/tech/ik-multimedia-stealthplug-22797 Is there a way to use this cable instead of buying another rocksmith cable? It seems there is a no-cable patch floating around on the net to bypass rocksmith detecting the original cable. But i'm not sure this w
  8. Yes, i have seen that. and also created an account. but i can't install any other version because of the visual c++ error i mentioned earlier.
  9. Ok, thanks. but i can't get a newer version installed. tried v2015 before on 2 different Windows 10 machines.... when installing i got an error about Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 error when wwise tries to download and install it. the installation aborts and it writes a log file. the log points to the vc2013redist_x86.exe installer. but it is alleady installed. even some older and newer versions. de-installing vc2013 and re-install does not solve the problem either.
  10. Yes thats correct. found some info about it. but i can't install an older version. version 2015 won't install because of all sorts of MS Visual c++ errors. finaly i got Wwise version 2010.3.3 succesfully installed. but now when pressing "generate" in toolkit i got Error "Configuration Wwise path is not set properly for RS2014 or conversion." well, the path is realy there.. Is there anyone who has a solution for installing and configuring the toolkit with wwise on windows 10, and what versions are used..?
  11. Got a lot of troubles with installing and using wwise with the toolkit. first of all i installed the newest version of WWise... not compatible.. uninstalled this version. now i can't get any older version of wwise installed due to several errors i tried v2015.1.9....no luck. Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 error when installer is trying to download visual c++ while it's allready installed. Failed to verify the package..
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