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    How come the darned OS options don't include 'nix!? I'm running Rocksmith (Steam) on Ubuntu Linux using Proton. mutter mutter Windows!!! mutter mutter mutter rabble rabble...
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  1. I know score is the same. Mastery only up one point, but streak is better. I'm not competing on this song, but it is worth the effort.
  2. Thanks for the instructions. I got RSMods installed. The profile backup would have helped when my profile got nuked a while back! I'll start poking around to test out the options. Thanks again.
  3. Hey - do you have a link for the RSMods how to? I did a little (read very very little) searching and wasn't sure if I had current versions and instructions, or pre RS2014 upgrade links. I've migrated away from Ubuntu and use my Win11 laptop for RS2014 so things will (hopefully) work better together.
  4. Paleontology BGM39 rhythm - 90%. I can do better. Kinda low on free time (I'm sure everyone else is, too), but can do better.
  5. What I do (and probably a bunch of folks do) is take a screen shot using the Windows/PrtScr buttons. That gets popped into Pictures/Screenshots directory. I then rename it to something I can find again later. I have an Imgur account and pop it there. When I post my score, I use the dropdown in the post that says "Other Media" and click "Insert Image from URL". From the Imgur site I click my posted screen shot and copy the Direct Link URL entry and pop it into my post by clicking Other Media / Insert Image from URL. I haven't checked to see if I could post the URL of Steam pictures. That might work, but I just use Imgur.
  6. This is fun, but I really fall apart at speed.
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