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  1. So I am trying to do a cdlc for Human Fly by The Cramps. Youtube of the song is linked below. Poison Ivy plays lead. She plays a Gretsch 6120 with heavy strings, Fender Pro Reverb amp and a Fulltone tremolo pedal. I might be able to figure that out in tones, or just misappropriate a surf tone and go with it. But I have no idea how to come close to the tone of the rhythm guitar on this track. It sounds kind of buzzy like a fly. Any suggestions?
  2. Thanks! I appreciate it. Your notes and this video helped a lot! I was able to grab the tone out of Miserlou and use it for Shake N Stomp, Lets Go Trippin' and Surf Beat. I haven't uploaded the updated versions yet, but that did the trick! Now to fix tones on Baja and Mr Moto. Can't have surf without a reverb!
  3. I did some Dick Dale CDLC, but just used Clean guitar. I know Dick Dale uses an early strat, a Fender Showman set to "blow the roof off" and spring reverb. The ODLC Miserlou sounds pretty good. How would I extract the tone from Miserlou and use it for my CDLC?
  4. Wow - audiokinetic is rough to get working in PlayOnLinux! The launcher immediately errors out. I configured my virtual drive to be Windows 10, then installed dotnet472 (it failed on dotnet480) and directx. I downloaded the vc2013 64 bit executable, went into playonlinux config mode - opened up a command prompt under wine and installed. That worked with no problem. I then grabbed the wwise 2015 executable, copied it over to playonlinux virtual drive and installed that from the command prompt. It runs - opens up - but can't find the xml plugins. I'll mess around some more. Anyway, DLCBuilder runs. wwise runs under playonlinux kinda sorta, but I'm not sure. I'll open up a tutorial and see if I can build a DLC. I think there is a Linux wwise port. (https://www.audiokinetic.com/downloads/previous/ . If I can't get this going with the Windows version of wwise, I might try the Linux version for kicks and grins.
  5. Thanks! I downloaded and it runs when I do a ./DLCBuilder in the directory. I haven't tried Wwise part yet, and haven't tried building a DLC yet - but it launches! I'll start working on the audiokinetic portion next.
  6. I think you're right. Probably an extremely limited audience.
  7. I know the recommended tool set is DLCBuilder now, but I can't seem to get that running under Wine for Linux. I was able to get CFSM, Editor on Fire and Rocksmith To Tabs working under wine using PlayOnLinux. I thought I'd try RocksmithToolkit as well. I installed it in the same virtual drive as CFSM and can click on the GUI and it opens up fine. But I'm having issues snagging wwise 2013. I can grab wwise 2017, but can't seem to install it using PlayOnLinux (is it 64 bit?). When I try to download wwise 2013, I get different lengths and the download stalls. I'm trying to grab the 2013 version from here: https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cfsm/wwise. I get 337.6 megs and then it stalls. Retrying, I got 332 megs. Would someone be able to pop it in an FTP directory in case it's my browser? Or pop it in Google Drive or One Drive or dropbox or ... (is anyone making CDLC on a Linux platform? And if so, any pointers?)
  8. Can someone make CDLC for Baja - surf song. Either The Ventures or The Astronauts version? I kinda prefer The Astronauts version. Bruce Lindquist has a "how to play" with tabs of Baja at
  9. A little better on Wind of Change. Not sure if I want to work more on this, spend some time on Louie Louie lead - my score is rough - or try some new songs. It's summer. I like surf. Pipeline, Penetration, Walk Don't Run, Wipeout, Miserlou and Surf Rider are calling my name. I don't see much surf instrumental CDLC - I'll need to explore a bit. (edited - there is a metric butt-ton of The Shadows on CDLC and for a newer, angrier sound some Agent Orange. Looks like I need to expore)
  10. Louie Louie - 86 in Learn a Song. I get gonged out of that show way too fast in Score Attack!
  11. I'm not sure if my playing is at that level yet, but I'll be paying attention! I grabbed the Layla (unplugged) version and ran through rhythm twice and lead once to get a general idea. I have RocksmithToTabs working on PlayOnLinux, so ran my cdlc library through that and looked at the tabs using Tux Guitar. But I'm thinking I liked Justin Guitar training, he has three videos out on Layla unplugged and I have his training book and a book of songs. I'll see if Layla unplugged is included. I might be able to hang with a Justin course. I'll give this one a few more tries, but not submit a video. I'm no-where near close - but I'll pay attention to your next one. Is this the challenge where you and Rodman posted videos with family members singing? Those were really well done videos, showing a lot of time and effort.
  12. @ diceslinger - @ Rodman - doing the acoustic version of Layla is so cool! Did you use the Layla Unplugged version in Ignition for practice? I think I'll break out my Guild acoustic and give it a go. Maybe just mic it in to RS2014 to see how I do. Haven't played the acoustic in quite some time, and haven't tried using a mic on RS2014 in Linux.
  13. Well, tried it on lead several times. Still seeing a sea of orange and very little purple. An epic track, just a little advanced. Time to take it in small sections. Edited: well, I ran it at 100% and a slower speed. I think I got every bend wrong. I'm going to claim that my guitar kept going out of tune when I used the tremelo bar and I really need a roller bridge. But honestly - for the last several bars of the song every note was right, so it isn't really dropping out of tune, isn't intonation, doesn't need a roller bridge to work with the Bigsby. But I'm saying it anyway. Darn hardware. Couldn't possibly be my playing. Those bends were right! (yeah, right)
  14. What kind of a saddle would you put on a tiger?
  15. I was just messing with you. No problem at all.
  16. hmmmm, boomer music. ageism. grumble grumble grouch. Um, in other news - Fratelliis!
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