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  1. @ firekorn This link on the tutorial for creating CDLC appears broken: https://customsforge.com/index.php?/topic/856-tutorial-for-proper-gp-tab-sync-sectionphrase-authoring-and-more/ (I was hoping maybe discussion of Go Play Along synching might be there?) UPDATE: I think I've figured out how to pull the synch out of GPA since I posted this so that part of the issue likely not a concern any longer.
  2. If I go full screen, it's not too bad, I guess (I was at half or two-thirds when I asked), though most of the time I do a lot of multi-tasking... and my eye-sight has suffered degradation in the last year so I tend to keep things fairly large. Not the end of the world, just a query as I slide boundaries back and forth a lot otherwise....
  3. Any chance of making field headers/column widths adjustable in Ignition? Would be nice to see longer text without having to click and return.
  4. If you go onto the Discord channel, there is a space dedicated to Mac with pins and the experts arr very helpful and interactive. That’s your best bet, really, rather than repost it all here. (I have. Mac too, so I fan assure you the problem has a solution.)
  5. You can also unpack and repack them using DLCBuilder, which creates dynamic difficulty levels. im not sure whether they are better; but that software is more kept up to date.
  6. Ah, no worries! Glad you got it sorted out Guess our messages crossed in the posting!! Enjoy!
  7. This still isn’t clear. CDLC end in .psarc, you put those with the other Rocksmith .psarc files, you don’t open them directly. The .DLL file which you need to patch Rocksmith you don’t open directly either. I don’t see what either of them has to do with a partial download as mentioned in your screenshot… sorry if I’m being obtuse… may have to check in in the morning if someone else hadn’t solved it for you yet.
  8. Could you be a little more detailed? what exactly are you trying to do where?
  9. If you're using CFSM and it shows some odd ID, you can always use it to 'repair' the CDLC to the correct value... If downloaded from Ignition, it's odd that they not be correct. Other things: You are sure you are using the latest DLL? It might help to provide some technical details (W10, W11, what is where...) Is this possibly one of those cases where you have too many CPU threads? You might want to scan the earlier posts to see whether issues match yours while you await an answer (maybe you've done that and come up empty...). They show up in game and don't play, or they don't show up...?
  10. Thanks, I’ve wondered. I personally don’t care as I don’t have it… I’ve always done it the “hard way”… but it will definitely have an impact.
  11. Glad we could help! i was thinking about the Cherub Rock thing and wondering when that might become an issue for someone. We twist on that, though! If you have other issues, feel free to ask. Also, consider joining the Discord group as it has more traffic so you might get better help faster Good luck!
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