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  1. necesitamos más información. ¿Sistema operativo? que es "todo" ¿Actualizaste Rocksmith a la última versión y también algún otro software como RSMODS o RSasIO?
  2. @ Duesenberger I've just been fiddling with GP8 after having used TuxGuitar until now, it has a synchronization feature in it, seems to work well enough, kind of obviates GPA.... See the synchronization deltas (inverted triangles):
  3. @ Jaskavarpunen I assume you have tried what is posted in this link above when you say 'first page'? If that doesn't work, then, are you using Ventura? There are issues with that upgrade.... The best place to get up-to-date intel on what to do on Mac is in the Discord discussion on #mac-os. It's essentially current.
  4. Excellent, that’s what we like to hear! thanks for reporting back!
  5. So from what I understand, if you're on Ventura you are going to have issues (though I'm not too privy to all the details; you can check the Discord #mac-os channel to see what's going on). Other than that, just go to the Use CDLC tab at the top here, and you'll see the link to patches. They are kept up-to-date.
  6. So you need to update all your mods (if any: asio, RSmods, etc) and the DLL as well. go here for DLL: https://ignition4.customsforge.com/tools/CDLCEnabler (Assuming pc)
  7. @ kdawg123456 Find your song in Ignition, then right-click on it, choose view record: Then you will see your download choices on the right, in this instance, only a Windows .psarc file. HTH!
  8. Just scanning the Discord #sup;port and saw something about CustomsForge having somehow reverted to an earlier version of something, with the suggestion to try this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aD6Yb0XYl1a8tWOKmyGV_VPtoAhwvkNt/view (Hope I'm not leading you down the garden path here...) UPDATE: no, apparently it is the DLL which is currently wrong, so yes, you can try this link; apparently it may also fix some other conflicts. The build id I show above is the latest, apparently, as per a discord messge from Sep 25
  9. If I go into Steam (which just updated for me, btw) and then right-click RS in the left game list, look at properties, then updates, I get this (where you can see the current version of RS): The people on Discord can tell you which Build ID the patch is co-ordinated with. Is that what you're wondering about?
  10. I’m not sure what you’re asking, since you say “manually” but also “have it check for updates, which sounds automatic… Sorry… if you mean, can you force RS to be reinstalled, then that’s a yes; if you mean, can you have it update the patch automatically, then no…. ultimately, the issue is: ensure you have the latest TS, the latest patch, and the latest adjuncts (RSmods, RSASIO) and ordinarily it should work. There are a very few oddball cases, you can scan the #support channel on Discord to read or enquire about those….
  11. Apologies. Autocorrect!! I’ll repost. Thanks, thought I’d fixed it! try again: https://github.com/glebb/rocksmithconvert/releases
  12. Perfect, thanks! as a matter of fact I just became aware of a tool which does exactly that courtesy of a Discord post… try this https://GitHub.com/Glebb /rocksmithconvert/releases let us know how it goes!
  13. Mac or PC? Make sure *everything* is fully up-to-date. That includes RS and any mods. It only works when all are in synch. For PC try comments in Discord #support, Mac #mac-os. There are issues in a few cases but mostly they’ve been sorted there....
  14. Most welcome! May I ask what the fix was? May help with others. Thanks!
  15. @ indigo242 @ AnotherDeadHero Also: as I wanted to make sure I wasn't sending you on a wild goose chase, I tested RS as I only really play it on Mac these days when I'm helping others. Steam updated. After that, RS stayed as 'loading' without actually loading. I had to reboot, and even after that the first once or twice it wouldn't work, but it has since loaded and I have verified that the one CDLC I have on the Mac worked just fine. So no reason it shouldn't work as far as I can tell. FWIW I'm on Monterey 12.6 (21G115)
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