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  1. Thanks, I’ve wondered. I personally don’t care as I don’t have it… I’ve always done it the “hard way”… but it will definitely have an impact.
  2. Glad we could help! i was thinking about the Cherub Rock thing and wondering when that might become an issue for someone. We twist on that, though! If you have other issues, feel free to ask. Also, consider joining the Discord group as it has more traffic so you might get better help faster Good luck!
  3. You can use any legal ODLC you have purchased, if need be. It just means that you’ll have to change the AppIDof all the CDLC to match that one. There are tools for you to do that. On Windows, Customs Forge Song Manager can do it. There’s a conversion tool on Mac; search Rocksmith 2014 convert PC Mac. It’s on GitHub.
  4. Glad to hear you’ve got it sorted!
  5. I thought of trying that as well, just not convenient at the moment Hope a resolution is forthcoming!
  6. Is its ID set to a CDLC ID you have? (I'm dredging my memory to remember what this issue is caused by...)
  7. Two places you can look, if you don’t get a targeted response soon (don’t have your issue so haven’t had to deal with it): This topic, search earlier posts for this issue; the discord group, since it tends to be more active. I’m pretty sure you’re not the only one with this, and I’ve seen comments on it at some point. hth
  8. You got lucky, I had to deal with my computer Click the drop-down arrow by the magnifying glass and choose collection.
  9. Hi welcome back to RS! if you have W11 there have been issues reported and solutions offered; see higher up! For the other thing ill check in the morning when I boot up if you still need help. (I’m assuming your sign-in hasn’t changed…)
  10. FWIW strictly speaking any purchased ODLC will do; the advantage is that all CDLC on CustomsForge are keyed to the ID of Cherub Rock, meaning no extra work is necessary to rekey everything. With regards to W11, the issue is discussed earlier in this thread, so if you’re in that boat, have a quick look.
  11. If need be you can change the ID number using DLC Builder as long as you have a Windows machine.
  12. @ Gelthos Take a look a little farther up, a few other people have had W11 issues similar to yours recently. It involved temporarily moving everything and moving it back. See whether the solutions above work for you.
  13. @ rodrigo1120 glad you got it working. That said, you should not have to use the Beta, and should not use the Beta. That is no longer the current version. You should be able to make it work with the latest versions of everything. if you decide to experiment, make a backup of why you have now just in case, though. Good luck!
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