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  1. FINAL UPDATE (I think): my new powered hub came in. Plugged in the original (problematic) RS cable, driver failed. So seems like this cable is marginal, assuming I didn't get a faulty powered hub (this could go on forever at that rate). Whether that's because cables have poor quality control or because it's been slightly damaged (possible, I roll over it from time to time despite best efforts), I'm going to leave it at that. The other cable works, and the Steinberg solution works, so I'm good to go one way or the other. Still, this whole business could be helpful to someone else down the road.
  2. UPDATE: I got an invite to RS+ beta and based on the info which I had, needed to use the RS cable and the PC (no Mac platform and my iPhone is not supported, too old). Crap.... So I hunted around for my older RS cable which I hadn't been able to find until now, and found it. Amazingly, it did work with the PC, even though it's a cable whose 1/4" jack I had replaced at one point (so you'd think it would be less reliable!). So I have a working cable... and it turns out that RS+ supports ASIO and I was able to get the Steinberg box working with it, so ended up not needing the cable. Discovered all this shortly after ordering a new powered hub....!! But it's ok, I can use it for something else. Moral of the story: apparently the first cable is somehow borderline. Sounds like with a given cable it could end up being a crapshoot....
  3. I believe I’ve tried that already or else it doesn’t work that way in my version of windows… but happy to check it tomorrow. thanks for the tip! UPDATE: @XellotI read in haste and so the 'version of Windows' is inapplicable, I was thinking of the lower right sound icon. In any case: there's nothing under Audio Inputs and Outputs that I can see of relevance (Stereo Mix Realtek Audio and the monitor which supposedly has sound output but never did). Sound, Video, and Game Controllers is where I have been deleting the cable and when I reboot I'm no farther ahead.
  4. For anyone else looking for a solution: My Dell order came in and I got the wrong hub (not powered) so I couldn't test that. But someone at the RS+ event misunderstood something I said which ended up being fortuate.... I installed the DLL files from https://github.com/mdias/rs_asio and used one of the sample configurations files for Steinberg UR22, then moved my Steinberg UR22 mkII to the Dell, installed its driver, plugged the headphones into the Steinberg, and bingo! problem solved. Not only that, but now I can boost the gain, which RS *always* complained about. Good solution, if you can afford the hardware. There are plenty of analogue-to-digital boxes out there which will work (see the github site for a list). No more RS cable dependence!!!
  5. Hi Thanks for the suggestions. No,no separate driver. Windows configured it on its own. No cable extension either. As for ports, the two times it worked it was front ports, but I had tried the back ones too :( and once it was front USB-A and once front USB-C. I have a new adapter and hub coming from Dell, should be here in a couple if days. Will report back then. Appreciate the support!
  6. Ubisoft have just washed their hands of this. They're now saying that if the cable is USB 3 and my ports are all USB 2 then they can't help me. Well, my ports AREN'T all USB 2 (as I've said multiple times, I've listed them alll!!) and I don't know anything about the cable, whether there are different types of not... I just ordered a new hub with Dell rewards dollars, should be here next week, and a USB-C to A adapter along with it. Somewhere i have another RS cable where I replaced the jack as it got damaged, just can't find it right now.... (I only saw your message after I made that order, but it didn't cost me any real money so it's a free option.) The other thing I can do is buy a new cable, but, as I say, it works on the Mac. Last resort is to play on the Mac... what a waste to have bought a new system. I can also try pestering Dell and see what they say.... EDIT: and I just realized they've got me so wound up with their illogic that a new cable won't solve anything, it's a DRIVER ISSUE... sigh!!! I'll look into ther links you offered. I do appreciate the help. I'm surprised so few people are offering any advice. Surely we're not the only two people with this issue....!!!
  7. @GetTheLedOut No, that's just it. Most of the time (with two exceptions) it comes up as Rocksmith USB Guitar Adapter and then after two seconds gets flagged error 10 can't start; the other half of the time it comes up as USB Audio Device and gets flagged. (And twice it worked, as you know). I have nothing else on the system except mouse. Not even a keyboard (using bluetooth keyboard). (Oh except for headphones in the headphone jack.) I understand it's likely a power issue; that's why I used the hub. So so far, I've NEVER managed without the hub, and only twice with it, so hard to know whether the hub is actually doing anything or maybe semi-functional.... Come July 1st I'll have budget to buy a new hub (which I would need anyway) so I can test that further. In the mean time, RS have now asked me to send a DX Diag file with the game running. So maybe we're getting somewhere. (Hold breath?) Thanks for the continued advice.
  8. @GetTheLedOut Back to square one. Today, that solution isn't working either.
  9. So far, besides not paying attention to what I've said, they've suggested changing the cable (and I reminded them that it works fine on the Mac, so it's not the cable). So then they turned around and suggested I switch guitars to see what happens. I'm asking what the point of that is, because I'm playing a bass. It doesn't really help if it works with the Strat, and I want to play the bass.... Let's see whether they have an intelligent answer. Again, not holding breath.
  10. @GetTheLedOutUpdate: I do have an Apple USB-C to USB-A/HDMI/USB-C adapter, actually, so I tried that. No good. Mind you, I don't trust it that much, I've had issues in the past on the Mac so that probably doesn't prove much.... On the other hand... it just WORKED with the USB-C to USB-A Apple adapter AND the USB hub. Now, once doesn't prove anything, but let's see. I'm not going to tell UBISoft because I'd really like an explanation of what the issue is. But I'm not holding my breath... !!
  11. @tdchewyWell, that's how I did it originally, and it did not work. The various experts in the Discord support said it's almost always about power, use a hub. So I did, I used the one I have, and it worked... once. Once only. @GetTheLedOut I did not try the USB-C as I had been told that is guaranteed not to work (and I don't have an adapter of that kind) but it's worth a try. Thanks. At the moment, I'm going through the motions with Ubisoft, who never read what you answer... if you say you tried all their steps they ask did you try all their steps, etc. Sigh. Thanks, folks. Onward....!
  12. I bought a new Dell G5 PC (now about 2 months old) mainly for the purpose of porting leisure activities from my Mac, and a large part of that is RS. Problem is, it won't work: it doesn't seem to know that the cable is plugged in. I understand that this is often a power issue. I tried all the ports (legacy style and new, to the extent that they fit the cable USB end directly), no dice. Plugged in a StarTech USB powered hub (ST4240USB), no dice. Until I used a specific port, closest to the power adapter input. Great! Then, tried to play the other day, no hardware changes... no dice again. Tried all the USB hub ports, nope, nothing doing. So I'm supposing the hub is marginal and I need a better one? Happy to hear anything else I can try, or recommendations on a good hub. (I've heard that newer USB stuff is lower power but I don't know for sure. I'd rather buy new tech than obsolete, but... priority is getting this working). Thanks!
  13. @dclark5150@lichka001 You can do it as a batch using Custom Mods within CustomsForge Song Manager (see the Tools tab for download at the top of this page). Or, individually using DLC Builder (link found in the tutorial under the Create CDLC tab) or RSToolkit (also in the Tools tab).
  14. @coolAF That's possible. I had the same problem, but when I redownloaded the patch and applied it, the problem was solved. Go figure. I recommend running the patch command, not doing it by hand, though. I do it through Terminal, but it seems to work if you just double-click it in your Finder window too. Here's how I did it in Terminal (obviously, you need to replace my 'kfeuerherm' with your ID ('ls' lists the files, I do that to be sure of what's there; in the next line, don't forget the dot at the beginning, that means 'here'): HTH. BTW the patch is at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1ZKYtpB0vu2WnJWZzdtUkp6SU0/view?usp=sharing
  15. @coolAF Did you remember to rerun the patch? It sounds like an unpatched version....
  16. EDIT: SEE BELOW @FfioThe game was freshly downloaded before this, but I tried anyway, as you showed. Once I revalidated (it had 6 bad files) it ran, but when I got out, applied the patch, it crashed again. Tried it once more, this time one invalid file (??) but after the patch, crash. Maybe I have an outdated patch? Haven't had to patch in ages... macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 /Users/kfeuerherm/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Rocksmith2014/Rocksmith2014.app/Contents/MacOS/Rocksmith2014 (Sorry I can't for the life of me get the imgur to display here. Help?) EDIT: I redownloaded the patch. So far as I know it is the same, but for some reason, it seems to work now. Who knows. But for future reference, if someone could remind me how to do the IMGUR images... I seem to recall it had to do with which kind of link I use to paste in here, but no luck so far.
  17. Well, I just did the patch... and it no longer loads... Any idea what I haven't done right? https://imgur.com/j16ikzT (insert image from URL doesn't seem to work? Been here before, but been a while...)
  18. @firaty Thanks for that. Thanks to my great luck, I've never had a circle of anyone who plays musical instruments, so RS has been my only band ever. I actually just found a drummer et al. who lives not 20 mins from here who is happy to get together with me and jam (bonus!) but of course, now with COVID we can't. It's a conspiracy....!
  19. @firaty I was wondering about that so maybe mine will be fine too, once I get around to that...!! (You are using Big Sur, now, right? A bit confusing because your paste says Mojave...)
  20. Hmm. How do I know whether I have the Beta or full version? I checked properties in Steam, don't see anything obvious.... (Side issue: I've never had Cherub Rock, I've always recoded everything to something I do have. Is there a problem with that? Everything has worked since the beginning... well, until now, of course.) EDIT: @firaty You had me worried, there....
  21. Just a quick note to confirm that I got it going, though it did take a few steps, as follows: instal the beta (go to Rocksmith in Steam and it shows up there) I discovered that I was past the white screen problem, but I could not type in the search box, among other things, so I followed the bullet points at https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2302103-Rocksmith-and-the-Big-Sur-Update-for-MacOS. This was not altogether straightforward as there was in fact no entry for me under Accessibility, so I created one. That got me past the problem with the search box, but I was not able to tune the guitar; it didn't complain that the cable wasn't plugged in, but nothing happened either. So, on the same page I linked to above, it says a little further down that if one still has issues, do a full re-installation of RS. I did that.... It all seems to work fine, now, as far as the standard RS is concerned. I've not yet applied the patch for CDLC; I was just happy I could use it at all!!! I'll try the patch when I have some time. So we seem to be back in business, now. I assume there will be an official update at some point (unless it was past beta and that was it...?).
  22. @firekornThanks for the note, I'll check it out. I just got one more response from Ubisoft, which I was just about to post. Here's what they say, FWIW:
  23. Last update until/unless something changes. Ubisoft has said: which I guess basically means "wait, out." So we wait. I will check on the game and ping them every so often, maybe weekly, see what's up. Incidentally, I'm not sure the search engine for the forums works here, because searching any combination of "Big Sur" turns up nothing. Unless of course it eliminates my own contributions and I'm the only one who has said anything....
  24. I got the next reply from Ubisoft today. They offered no further help and just repeated that they were looking into it. Since it said they’d close the case if I didn’t reply within four days, I replied with no further information also, just to keep the ticket open. I guess we’re just going to play tag for a while. At the moment, Ubisoft is ‘it’.
  25. @actionjackson764 I've received the first response from Ubisoft support. As expected, we have to wade through the baloney steps first, but that's a start. Here's what I was asked to do: I didn't expect much to happen, particularly as I'd already purged and re-downloaded, but hey, go through the motions so that I can respond. In any case, it came back as fully verified. Note, btw, that in step number 3 they seem to have Mac and Windows backwards and in step #5 it actually says "game files" I will continue to post updates in the hope that this may be of use to others here, particularly if we get a fix. They claim they are working on it, btw.
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