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  1. Also, the displaying of music videos and playthrough videos seems to be broken in ignition 4.5 or whatever update was just released.
  2. My CDLC of "Cry Baby" by the California Honeydrops might be something you are looking for - and it's quite beginner friendly.
  3. You will still need to define where the slide begins. It must be a slide up from somewhere, so you will need to add an additional note in Editor on Fire and determine what fret it should be (in other words, this note will be the starting point of the slide "up" to the desired note). Place this note on the note highway where the slide actually begins. Then, use CTRL+UP to make the new note a slide up to the fret you want, in addition to SHIFT+N to add the linknext status. Unpitched slides are for when it's not so important where/what fret the slide actually ends (CTRL+U toggles it on a selected note). If you want to remove the unpitched status from a note, just use CTRL+U and leave the ending fret empty. Pay attention to the length of the note tail for these slides especially, as it determines how fast the slide will appear to the player. In Rocksmith, these slides have note tails that appear to fade away and do not have a clear ending point. Pitched slides are generally more common, and you will need to set the end fret for these slides if you are authoring them manually. CTRL+UP or CTRL+DOWN toggles an unpitched slide on and off for that direction.
  4. I am not aware of a way to copy/paste only the fret hand positions. The easiest way to manually add them to your bass path might be to use the second piano roll (song>second piano roll>display), then put the guitar arrangement on this extra piano roll. Now you can easily see the FHP for both, and edit the bass chart accordingly. If the bass part is fairly simple, there's a good chance that automatically generating the FHP will be good enough for you. This will not overwrite the FHP that you manually added for the guitar part - just make sure the bass part is selected before the FHP are generated. Hopefully that helps. Good luck!
  5. At least he was already able to get things working using his external sound card, so it doesn't seem like there would be a need to go that far. This doesn't really strike me as an audio driver issue, although windows does treat the RealTone cable as a "microphone." It would appear that all other USB and microphone devices are working fine for him. Am I missing something? Why would deleting all audio drivers be the logical next step?
  6. I'm fairly certain that there is no workaround for this. I've always just used the author's notes to make mention of the large bends, and no one has ever piped up to say that they are possible. It seems reasonable to me that Ubisoft may have placed this limitation intentionally due to poor note recognition on those large bends.
  7. Sorry you feel this way, as it's not what I was going for. I noticed that you had just joined a few days ago, and had only a few posts.
  8. If you think a few clicks and some waiting is too tedious, you should try becoming a charter Charters have donated their time and talents to bring you all the CDLC on ignition, so be sure make them aware when you really enjoy a particular song/chart. You can always leave a thanks or a comment while it's downloading.
  9. Yup, those symptoms are very similar to mine. For what it's worth, I continued to experience error 10 related issues on two different powered USB hubs, in addition to a PCI-E expansion card. Thankfully, I already had these things on hand in my bottomless parts bin.... So, my wholly unqualified, strictly anecdotal advice would be to shy away from pursuing another USB hub until you're fresh out of other options. Is it possible that the adapter you tried may not meet some necessary technical/electrical requirement? I'm honestly not sure what the differences are, but I used this one (2 pack for $9) and it's always performed flawlessly directly in my USB-C port. Also, if you haven't already done so, you'll want to make sure that your USB related drivers (like Host Controllers) are correct and up to date. If things with Ubi don't work out, you can also try using a little tool called USBDeview which just facilitates the easy uninstalling of previously connected USB devices. It didn't resolve my issues, but once you've used it to "forget" the RS cable, Windows will again treat the cable as a new device and force the driver installation/setup.
  10. Is the Rocksmith cable showing up properly in Device Manager? Never? Sometimes? Only for an instant, then gone? Also, have you tried testing the cable while all other non-essential USB devices are unplugged? In my case, I'm nearly certain that the RS cable wasn't happy with the amount of power that it was receiving from almost any USB-A port. This is a PC that I built, while the cable continued to work on my older laptop....
  11. For what it's worth, after having similar issues, I've had the most success plugging into a USB-C port (RS cable + USB to USB-C adapter).
  12. Worked for me just now. Hopefully it's sorted for everyone.
  13. As an amateur Rocksmith and computer science enthusiast, I salute you Chlipouni!!! Thank you for sharing your time and talent all these years. I can't wait to try this! A lightweight, bare bones, learning tool like this is very much needed. As far as I'm concerned, you've already done something awesome, no matter how far you take it, and how much polish is added. There's a lot of value here already.
  14. Great to hear! I love the honky feel of that song, and it sounds like a party in the studio with how loose it all feels. Its mostly simple campfire chords, but its deceptively difficult to get the feel and all the embellishments down.
  15. Hmm interest The Black Crowes-Seeing Things: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vteism3btrwqy25/Seeing%20things%2002.jpg?dl=0 The Black Crowes-Sister Luck: https://www.dropbox.com/s/idbmozj4h6ynlxh/sister%20luck.jpg?dl=0 I was 17 when this album released, purchased the cassette and played it daily until i worn it out. This particular song was my favorite. I played it 3 times. there is only 1 small thing I noticed about these 2, I added these 2 to my Black Crowes CDLC folder. in alphabetical order Your 2 "The Black Crowes CDLC's" show up in " B " while all the other show in " T " Thanks for giving these a run through! I really appreciate it. Is the naming/sorting issue something that only occurs in your dlc folder(s) and not in Rocksmith itself? I think it might just have to do with the way the Toolkit auto-generates the file name - it used to be different. In this case, I'm pretty sure you could rename the file to anything you like and it would still work. I don't think Rocksmith cares much about what the windows file name is, but I could be wrong.
  16. Hi all! I'm quite sorry to have gone AWOL for so long. I've gone back to school and I've found that nothing kills your drive to make CDLCs like differential equations and calculus haha. I hope you all are well, thriving and surviving and such. This pandemic has given me just a bit more time, and I must admit that I've used it selfishly to make more new CDLC rather than fix some of my subpar ones. If anyone would like to test any of these, please have at them! Basically, I just need to know if the custom tones sound decent and are roughly the correct volume. I've tested them all in game and played along in disconnected mode (I've been experiencing USB issues that prevent me plugging in). Sorry bass players, these don't have bass parts. John Mayer - Gravity (Live) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Gtptv94fjufPfnnC-_0SHn2Pnixci4Kt/view?usp=sharing John Mayer - Come when I Call (Live) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kFFP2Q_Cu1G1In8a7kQ7IKs1Zzl2etli/view?usp=sharing The Rolling Stones - Sweet Virginia (no lead yet, but Keith's rhythm part is way more fun IMO) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qe6iSTXXKyHNvIojgXugQzyAGgDvPb9m/view?usp=sharing The Black Crowes - Sister Luck https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wtlmpoARSGT3Etw0RDw-YAevzHtrOkDL/view?usp=sharing The Black Crowes - Seeing Things https://drive.google.com/file/d/1osv09_BNrp4MNRmXK69hA--6kgXn5rTe/view?usp=sharing Any feedback is much appreciated!
  17. When using the 221680 App ID, the CDLCs still have the pink/purple "DLC" banner/tag designation in the song list. I don't have any RS1 songs in my list, but I'd imagine those would also be unaffected.
  18. I can confirm that the App ID of 221680 works perfectly, if you haven't/don't want to buy the Cherub Rock DLC. However, it may be well worth the money for many people to simply purchase the Cherub Rock DLC so that they don't have to change the app ID for every song. Keep in mind, this must also be done for any new CDLCs that you get from here in the future. I personally wouldn't be opposed to using the 221680 App ID for any of my future CDLC releases (or even CF mandating its use) if it will in fact work for everyone. It seems ridiculous to ask CDLC users to change App IDs when it's not necessary. Unless we are concerned with eliminating a revenue stream for Billy Corgan and Ubisoft :D
  19. For my part, I feel as though everyone has voiced very legitimate concerns, although in some cases, in entirely the wrong way/tone. I've included the following in this forum, rather than a PM to site leadership, because I thought it best to speak to everyone at once. Though this is a "private forum," this will be seen be nearly everyone who has a vested interest in these matters. I think we could all benefit from some re-enforcement of the fact this is first and foremost a community. And that should be of paramount importance to everyone - including mods, admins, and contributors. To me, this means that there should be a shared or common reverence for the contributions of time and talent made by each group. The fact is, that's just not happening the way it used to. And that's a huge problem. We're doing a really shitty job of making either group feel appreciated, and it's been this way for a long time. Lets not fool ourselves by thinking that this community would be the relative "success" that it is without the CDLCs that charters work so hard to create. But conversely, we can't downplay the roles/efforts of the mods/admins who keep this site running and moving forward. I am truly sorry, but I can't shake the feeling that the mods/admins are completely okay with the levels of disunity, distrust, and complete lack of transparency (regarding both finances and development work) that both sides have shown, as long as the donations keep rolling in. As this rift widens, the hateful and snarky posts will become more frequent and more good people will leave. These sentiments seem to be shared among more than a few longtime contributors and community members. People that have donated their time and/or money have a fundamental right to know where their money is going, and should have some insight as to the direction of future development. While the community leadership is under no obligation to do these things, and that this is not a democracy, but it's just the right thing to do IMO. Conversely, we really need to be courteous to one another. I know as well as anyone that it's not always easy, and I've fallen short of this on a few occasions myself. But it's god damn important. The fact is, people won't be resentful if they feel appreciated. And right now, it seems like no one feels appreciated. That needs to change - and I mean now. Sorry for the long post, and hijacking the CRC community forum - really, I am. If any admins/mods would like to have a civilized discussion with me about any of these matters, then I would welcome a PM discussion. Hopefully this thread can return soon to what is was. I really want to make this a better place for everyone, and we can do a hell of a lot better than all this if we collectively come down from our ivory towers, recognize each other's contributions, say thanks once in a while, and let our collective E major chords ring out in unison to the rock gods!
  20. Absolutely! I know it's been quite some time since I've released a Zeppelin song, but I'm still plugging away in what little spare time I have. I'm nearly done with Hey Hey What Can I Do (just need to transcribe a couple more of those crazy JPJ outro riffs), and then I'll be working on Traveling Riverside Blues. Hopefully that one can be finished up more quickly.
  21. Thank you @@Berneer , for your kind words and tireless contributions to this community.
  22. Well, the OP explicitly says that the proceeds will not be going toward the donation goal. Presumably it goes into @@Voyevoda 's RedBubble account. You might be right, but there's no shared information regarding anything finance-related, so we're left to assume that everything is being managed in an ethical fashion.
  23. Wouldn't it make more sense for the profits to actually go toward the donation goals, regardless of how ever small they are or how often RedBubble pays out? Could this not be classified as an "offline donation?" While the designs themselves are original, they're using the CustomsForge "brand," which IMO was built upon the hard work of the site founders, admins, and community/CDLC contributors. As a community, everyone has a stake in whatever level of success we've achieved, based on the merits of our contributions. Based on that, shouldn't the store profits be shared by everyone, i.e. contributed toward the donation goal? This is not to mention the possible (?) legal ramifications of essentially making a profit from music that one does not own. If we can't monetize the CDLC we create (and understandably so), then it seems unethical to me to make any type of profit from a community that exists under the umbrella of "fair use." I say all this respectfully, of course.
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