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    Playing Guitar, saxophone, and trumpet. I also like listening to music and hanging out with friends
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  1. Happy Birthday BenDRocksmith!

  2. Happy Birthday BenDRocksmith!

  3. Hello Everyone, so I've been playing Rocksmith 2014 on PC for over a year now and I absolutely love it due to this community and the openness of the program compared to when I played it on PS3. Anyways, I just switched headphones recently and I've noticed that there is a slight delay when I play a note and when I hear it on RS. Since these headphones don't do a great job at isolating outside sounds, it's very difficult to play fast passages cleanly. Does anyone know how I can fix this through audio settings? Or any tips? Thanks, Ben
  4. Just having good days playing RS

  5. Hello, My name is Ben and I have recently made a few CDLCs. However, some people have been requesting dynamic difficulty, and I know that there is a Creator that does it for you in RS Toolkit, but I can't figure out how to seperate the song into phrases. Can anyone help me? If so, that would be awesome
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