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  1. Hope this helps if you still have problems.. https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/716851-Rocksmith-PC-Configuration-and-FAQ-s-Forums
  2. Very nice ! This version seems very fast and smooth. the previous version would just hang when i tried to get onto the site..I just gave up for a while trying to get on.. Thanks for improving this !!!!
  3. just go to the white box with page number ,,,put in whatever number you want ... Just tried it ,,works
  4. Thanks for update..good to know fixes for problems if they appear !
  5. Got the new cable today,,It works again !! so it was something other than the jack as i soldered a new one on the bad cable. just some info......
  6. already did all that ..no luck ..ordered new cable..thanks
  7. couple of days ago,, played fine(RS 2014)..yesterday, went to play,,no guitar sound ( a slight crackling sound when strumming strings)...checked settings,checked file integrity,,all ok..tried different guitar ,,,no sound......tried original RS,,same thing......put a new jack on RS cable today as i,ve read they go bad,,,same thing,no sound..Figured the cable must,ve gone bad somewhere else...ordered a new one,hope it works... anyone else come across this ?
  8. see if moving your cable around causes it to crackle
  9. i bought one of these and it works great !! my guitar has a floyd rose that i keep in E standard..i play through the drop pedal and just have to turn the knob to tune down...turn it off ,i have E standard...turn the knob down 1 and E flat standard,,, 1 more and i have D standard...no more messing with tuning and re-tuning the guitar or switching guitars...although it doesn,t do open tunings ......This is a great pedal for switching between tunings easily! I read about it first and some questions were brought up about latency,,but i didn,t notice any at all.. Guitar cable to drop pedal,,RS cab
  10. Thanks for the info ! I usually just switch guitars, but thought this pedal would be pretty nice !
  11. Anyone try one of these for RS ? https://digitech.com/en/products/the-drop
  12. Let us know if it works ok on your son,s pc.. Should be fine on a gaming rig !!
  13. hdmi cable from "hdmi out" on laptop to hdmi port on back of tv.. then make sure , on playback devices, hdmi is set to default.. guessing from what you said,, your pc doesn,t have an " hdmi out" port ? although using an adapter should work ok.. looks like the latency buffer at 16 is going to give you a lot of lag.go to the smaller number of 4 and try.. Rocksmith INI File Details There are two major sections to the Rocksmith.INI file. The first controls the audio settings of Rocksmith:EnableMicrophone [default: 0] - Set this value to 1 to enable the use of voice microphone. This is duplic
  14. here,s my settings... runs on 40" tv through hdmi with no problems...(no guarantee it will work for you though) [Audio] EnableMicrophone=0 ExclusiveMode=1 LatencyBuffer=4 ForceDefaultPlaybackDevice= ForceWDM=0 ForceDirectXSink=0 Win32UltraLowLatencyMode=1 DumpAudioLog=0 MaxOutputBufferSize=0 [Renderer.Win32] ShowGamepadUI=0 ScreenWidth=1280 ScreenHeight=720 Fullscreen=2 VisualQuality=3 RenderingWidth=0 RenderingHeight=0 EnablePostEffects=0 EnableShadows=1 EnableHighResScope=0 EnableDepthOfField=0 EnablePerPixelLighting=1 MsaaSamples=1 DisableBrowser=1 [Net] UseProxy=1
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