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  1. Renamed "Rocksmith.ini" to "Rocksmith.ini.old" giving me a fresh config. then set "Win32UltraLowLatencyMode" to "0", "Fullscreen" to "1" and "ScreenWidth" and "ScreenHeight" to "1920" and "1080: respectively. Seems to work now :>
  2. Hii there, This is an issue I've been trying to deal with for a few months now but my game sound is crackly. I tossed the game aside for a while, hoping that a later update might resolve it... then I realized Ubisoft basically abandoned the game :\ I hope someone else can help me out. I have made a video *trying* to display the issue but well... I realized the quality of my mic isn't helping out much but here it is anyways: The thing is that all sounds sound like they are coming from an commodore 64 if you get what I mean... Robotic, choppy etc. I'm using W10 Pro (19H3) with an i5-44
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