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EOF Cutting out leading silence


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Hello All,


I am having an issue where when I manually add leading silence in audacity to my MP3 before importing it into EOF, the output WAV file in the song folder has cut out the leading silence. The OGG file however keeps the leading silence. So when I use that WAV in WWise to make the WEM file, my chart does not sync with the audio.


As a workaround I have been manually creating a WAV using audacity and using that to make the WEM file, but it would be nice if I could skip that step.


For some reason the "add leading silence" in EOF doesn't work (I have posted a separate topic a while back about that), so that is why I need to manually add the silence before importing to EOF.


Just wanted to post this workaround in case anyone else has their charts out of sync after adding leading silence before importing it to EOF.




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If your project folder already has a "guitar.wav" file, EOF won't automatically delete and recreate it if you change the chart audio outside of EOF. If you delete guitar.wav and then save the project again, EOF should create a new WAV file.


In almost every scenario where the add leading silence function doesn't work, it's because the third party OGGcat utility (used for the "stream copy" leading silence option) doesn't handle the particular chart audio file properly. Picking the "re-encode" option generally fixes the problem.

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@@Xaphist, hello hello it's almost 2018 here, don't you still perform manual convert to wem files?

you need to dust off your toolkit now!!11
it will do all the dirty job for you. just make sure you're selected correct audio file

How I'm doing it nowdays:
(i've got latest beta downloaded, I have one of the 2013 through 2017 version of wwise installed)
in toolkit I do all as required till audio step
here select eof project folder
find guitar.ogg file (if i have manually created preview.ogg it's fine too if not I'm covered as well)
select that file
fill all other missing fields, add arrangements I want with tones and assign those to arrangements

at step of saving template or generate function toolkit will do:
creates preview if none was met in same folder with guiar.ogg (based off first chorus from arrangements sections)
converts oggs to wav and then wav to wem and packing all the stuff in psarc for you.

as simple as that. you shoulc try it now! "for free! no sms or registration required!" lmao

have a great day m8 ;)

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